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Our Mission Statement To continue our tradition as a respected leader in the automotive hobby; to be a responsible member of the communities in which we operate; and to pursue new business opportunities, ensuring the growth of the company. Our History Carlisle Events was one of the first companies in the United States organized specifically to conduct and promote events for the collector car and truck hobby. On September 26, 1974, on the rented Carlisle Fairgrounds, "Post War '74" took place. It was the very first car event promoted by the company. In a year still remembered for gas lines and inflation, nearly 600 vendors set up in more than 800 spaces, and 13,000 spectators paid the $1 admission to sample their wares. Within a few years, the Carlisle Fairgrounds had become a mecca for collector car enthusiasts all over the world. The runaway success of what became known as Fall Carlisle Collector Car Swap Meet & Car Corral led to a similar Spring event in 1977. In short order, they became complete sellouts for vendor and car sale (or "car corral") spaces. In 1981, after renting the fairgrounds for each event, the Millers purchased the 82-acre property. Over the years, Carlisle Events has transformed the fairgrounds to suit the needs of car show participants and visitors. Continuous improvements include paved roads, a manicured landscape and more than 10 permanent buildings. At the same time, Carlisle Events has established consumer-friendly services such as on-site bank financing, notary and title service and a wide variety of dining choices. Experience Carlisle Events Today When Chip and Bill Miller held their first car show at the Carlisle Fairgrounds over 38 years ago, they never could have envisioned the growth and legacy of Carlisle Events. Chip Miller, co-founder of Carlisle Events, had a favorite saying, “Life is Good.” His son Lance has carried on that tradition, and it appears he will continue to carry on a lot more at Carlisle Events with his long-time friend, Bill Miller III. In 2007, Bill Miller, Jr., announced that Lance Miller and Bill Miller III, his son, will continue in their respective families’ tradition of operating the Carlisle Events business at the Carlisle Fairgrounds. Throughout the 38 years of existence, the Miller families continued to add specialty shows to their event seasons. Today, Carlisle Events produces eight specialty shows, plus the Spring and Fall events which also serve as the basis for the Spring and Fall Collector Car Auctions. The specialty shows include Carlisle Performance & Style, Carlisle Import & Kit Nationals, Carlisle Ford Nationals, Carlisle GM Nationals, Carlisle Chrysler Nationals, Carlisle Summer Bike Fest, Carlisle Truck Nationals, and Corvettes at Carlisle. The events bring in $97 million annually to the local economy and the spring show is the organization’s biggest draw of the year.

1000 Bryn Mawr Road
Carlisle, PA 17013
Phone: (717) 243-7855
Fax: (717) 243-0255

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