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Dwayne and Cindy Bublitz, owners and operators of Corvette'N America Road Tours, have used their past experience in the hospitality industry to build a successful Corvette tour business on a national scale. Dwayne and Cindy met in 1992 after Cindy was employed at one of Dwayne’s parents’ hotels in Flagstaff, Arizona. The hotels were a family operation which started back in the 1960s with the purchase of a small Route 66 motel in Flagstaff. In 1995 Dwayne and Cindy married and started a family of their own with the birth of their daughters, Kirsten and Faith. In 2000, the Bublitz family sold its last remaining hotel as Dwayne’s parents retired and a new adventure began. Dwayne’s love for Corvettes started early in life at the age of eight while watching his third grade teacher drive to school each morning in a beautiful silver ’65 Corvette. Dwayne purchased his first Corvette in 1991 and his love for America’s greatest sports car has grown ever since. In 2003 an idea came to Dwayne that seemed a bit crazy but at the same time exciting. Why not combine the beauty of Northern Arizona with the passion he had for Corvettes? Dwayne shared his thoughts with Cindy and the wheels began to turn on how they could offer the Corvette enthusiast a new form of entertainment. Dwayne and Cindy were fortunate to become acquainted with David Burroughs, CEO of Bloomington Gold. It was through this acquaintance that Dwayne, Cindy and David brainstormed the idea of offering Corvette road tours to some of the most beautiful scenery in America. The new Corvette tour business would be called Corvette'N America Road Tours and the first tour in 2005 would be to Grand Canyon National Park. 200 participants from thirteen states experienced an all Corvette tour that ran as smooth as clockwork and the reviews of the tour were outstanding. In 2006 the tour traveled down Oak Creek Canyon to the beautiful red rocks of Sedona. 360 participants from 18 states were overwhelmed with the professionalism Dwayne and Cindy displayed and the way every detail was addressed. In 2007 the tour was back to the Grand Canyon with over 400 enthusiasts in attendance from 16 states across America. Dwayne and Cindy’s business was growing and they were overjoyed at the success of the tours but also felt they wanted to offer the Corvette community another type of experience, a tour that would last longer than one or two days and would explore different parts of the country with a smaller number of participants. So also in 2007, the 6-day Rocky Mtn. Tour was offered and again Dwayne and Cindy hit a home-run offering a complete and totally planned Corvette tour for the ultimate in Corvette entertainment. It was on this tour that Ed Saari, CFO of Bloomington Gold, and his wife Barb, offered Corvette'N America the opportunity to become Corvette'N America Road Tours. Dwayne and Cindy were overjoyed and flattered to become Corvette'N America Road Tours and promised to continue to carry on the tradition and quality the name Bloomington Gold represents. For 2013 we are pleased to announce our name change back to Corvette'N America Road Tours. We are offering five fantastic Corvette tours including our NEW 8-day Corvette 60th Anniversary Tour. For the future, we will continue to offer quality Corvette tours through the most spectacular scenery in America. Corvette'N America Road Tours is a family operation just like our Route 66 motel was in the 1960s. It’s our attention to details and the love of what we do that will ensure your Corvette tour is a first-class experience. We invite you to join us and see for yourself why people say, “Corvette'N America Road Tours are the best Corvette tours in America!” Dwayne & Cindy Bublitz Corvette'N America Road Tours Owners & Operators

Phone: (928) 527-8388

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