Corvette Stadium Blankets

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Jennick custom knitted luxury Corvette Stadium Blankets measure 63” X 53”. Our 7 gauge thick and warm blankets are preferred over others because each is specially knitted using state-of-the-art knitting technology and the finest quality high bulk acrylic yarn. This special grade yarn provides a soft lush hand and ensures that it is washable. The special grade acrylic is also highly resistant to fade, abrasion and pilling. These are beautiful decorations, but should also be USED and enjoyed!

Each of our 30(!) Corvette logos is knitted into and becomes an integral part of the blanket. Most souvenir blankets are made from fleece and cotton with screened-on logos and do not possess the lasting characteristics either in terms of abrasion or fade wear.

Buy one for yourself. See and feel the difference. They are proudly made in America!