1958-60 Corvette Restoration Handbook

1958-60 Corvette Restoration Handbook

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This book is written by long-time NCRS members, Bob Baird and Tom Howey who also happen to be NCRS Master Level® judges. Bob and Tom have LOTS of highly complimentary things to say about the NCRS and their experiences as members, and we’re always very happy to return the favor.

It’s a 296 page photographic essay of very detailed, color photos of the "small details that are often overlooked and which, by addressing, not only turn renovation efforts into a true restoration, but also make for a great restoration as opposed to just a good one." It’s designed as a companion to other Corvette books- not a replacement.

Chapters include:

  • Restoration Terminology, Philosophy, and Different Judging Systems
  • Buying a Corvette to Restore
  • Before You Start Your Restoration
  • Deciding to Do a Body-Off Restoration
  • Removing the Body
  • Engine, Peripherals, and Transmission
  • Frame and Chassis
  • Body and Trunk
  • Engine Compartment
  • Painting
  • Blackout and Undercoat
  • Interior
  • Reassembly
  • Performance Verification
  • Back Material

Coil bound, 296 pages with hundreds of detailed color photos.

If you want the same exact information in a digital format, but do not want to spend $80 on a book- buy the CD. It's only $40!


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