How to Build High-Performance Chevy LS1/LS6 V-8's

How to Build High-Performance Chevy LS1/LS6 V-8's


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Modifying and Tuning Gen III Engines for GM Cars & Pickups

Author Wil Handzel, Group manager of GM Performance Parts explains exactly how to tune and modify the Gen III Chevy small blocks. No advanced theory- just detailed step-by-step explanations supported by 550+ color photos.

Chapters include:


  • The History of the Gen III LS1 V-8
  • The Gen III LS1 V-8 Engine Basics
  • Production Parts for Performance
  • Tips and Tricks to Remove and Reinstall the Gen III V-8
  • Bolt-On Power
  • 100 Horsepower Anybody Can Install
  • 500+ Horsepower NA Street Racer Buildup
  • Gen III Vortec Truck Engine Buildups
  • 1,200 Horsepower 387 Cubic Inch C5R Power
  • How to Control That Gen III V-8


Topics include:

  • Gen III Architecture & Design
  • Head, Cam & Intake Power Combos
  • Factory and Aftermarket Hi-Po Parts
  • Parts Interchangibility- LS6 Everything!
  • Also Covers 4.8-, 5.3- & 6.0- Liter Vortec truck Engines

Softbound, 160 pages and updated with more than 500 color photos.


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