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  Home | Contact COLLECTOR CAR FRAUD SMALL BUSINESS PLANNING ESTATE PLANNING / ELDER LAW FAMILY MATTERS BANKRUPTCY PREDATORY LENDING / FORECLOSURE REAL ESTATE / INVESTING / TITLE INSURANCE NFA CLASS III WAR TROPHIES   AUTHENTICATION PERSONAL INJURY AUTO LEMON LAW 215 657 2377   Welcome to the Law Offices of Bruce Shaw Home Page! We are “One Law Firm Under God.” We are a small sized “boutique” law firm — therefore we can offer quick reaction time to any issue. We are not your typical “9–5” five day a week law firm — our clients are important to us. Our clients have access to us Monday through Saturday from 8AM to 8PM. We are here to serveyou. You are assured that someone will call you back the same day. Please click one of the buttons to your left to receive a brief description of our services. Questions? Simply call 215 657 2377 and I will personally contact  you. Thank you for visiting our Web site — we are “One Law Firm Under God.” Web Design & Hosting: OmniKoz

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Phone: (215) 657-2377
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