National Corvette Restorers Society

NCRS 2018 National Convention Hotels

2018 NCRS Las Vegas, NV National Convention
Sunday July 15th through Thursday July 20th, 2018

Judging Schools, Seminars & Tech Sessions

ALL sessions are FREE for registered Convention attendees!  Be sure to wear your Convention name badge as it is your admission ticket to these events.

Judging Seminars

Preparing paint for NCRS judging
Monday, July 16 from 10:00am
Presenters: John Ballard and Tom Ames

Preparing Paint for NCRS Judging will cover current judging guidelines for making accurate determinations while judging.

We will look at guidelines for the judging process that will simplify and speed up your judging decisions.

We will cover what typifies original appearing finishes as well as factory application methods.

We will also discuss paint color and appearance. With this information the average judge should be able to make reasonably accurate and consistent paint decisions.

Three (3) Judging Points awarded for this session.

Monday, July 16 from 1:00pm

This judging school is intended for all NCRS judges, regardless of judging experience or judging level. The purpose is to expose beginning level judges to, and re-acquaint experienced judges with, the proper NCRS methods and protocols expected of a team judge. Topics will include the NCRS Judging Purpose, Judging Standard, Judging Process, Judging Dos and Don’ts, including appropriate interaction between judges and owners. The Power Point format used will employ a facilitator led group discussion with questions and answers.

Three (3) Judging Points awarded for this session.

Evaluating Mid-year C-2 Chassis Judging Items
Tuesday, July 17 from 9:00am

Presenters: Gary Bennett (400 Level Judge, Builder & Owner of 5 Duntov); Jim Rand (100 Level Judge, 2 frame off restorations and 1 Duntov)

The Seminar will show the contrasting differences in Mid Year Chassis Configuration and Finishes through a Power Point Presentation, GM Documentation and Photographs.

The Seminar will be beneficial for beginners to advanced Judges

Three (3) Judging Points awarded for this session.

Does it Operate vs. as Designed, Intended and Expected Performance? Nick Culkowski
Tuesday, July 11 from 3:00pm

Verification evaluation. It will be an open, classic classroom power point based discussion of the objectives of Operations Judging and it’s PV counterpart.

Three (3) Judging Points awarded for this session.

Introduction to NCRS Judging - Presenters Carlton Colclough & KC Strawmyre
Tuesday, July 17, 3:00pm

An introductory session for NCRS members with little or no judging experience. Carlton and K.C. will discuss current NCRS judging guidelines and offer insightful information to aid members new to the judging process. The presentation will include an overview of the NCRS Judges’ Recognition Program and accumulation of NCRS Judging Points. We will also discuss score sheet originality and condition columns and how to properly score a car.

Three (3) Judging Points awarded for this session.

Advanced NCRS Judging Seminar – Terry McManmon
Location: Judging Field

Terry McManmon, one of the most senior of NCRS Master Judges will lead this dual session Advanced Judging Seminar.  The purpose is to get you up close and personal with Corvettes selected from the judging field that are exemplary of high factory originality and/or unique in their parts and assembly techniques.  Lifts are often used to facilitate group viewing of the undercarriage aspects of the cars selected.

Five (5) Judging Points will be awarded to those attending BOTH sessions on the same day.
Ten (10) Judging Points awarded to those who attend BOTH sessions on both days.
Zero (0)  Judging Points awarded to those who do not attend BOTH sessions on the same day.

Technical Sessions

Corvette Frame /Shocks and Springs. Michael Mermelstein
Tuesday, July 17 from 1:00pm

Members will be shown 1963-82 Frames/Shocks/Springs.

These hands-on 1963-82 Frame examples will show how to Properly Inspect a Frame, and how to recognize inherent problems concerning Rust and Safety.

Guidance on what is Restorable and Acceptable will be discussed.

Using original and reproduction examples, the attendees will be able to identify correct Shocks and Springs using CDCIF.

The advantages of rebound Oil Filled shocks compared to modern Gas Shocks, along with comparing Coil and Leaf Springs to what the aftermarket offers today will be discussed.

No NCRS Judging Points are awarded

Exploring Legitimacy -- Engine Pads and Documentation Presented by, Al Grenning
Monday, July 16. From 3:00pm

The session will offer a serious investigation of production documents and engine pad stampings. The document portion will be an extensive overview of information seen on Corvette production orders including: inventory sequences, exception letters, dealer codes, dealer order numbers, St. Louis identification numbers, engineering revisions, production order errors and COPO orders. Also, as part of this topic there will be an investigation of errors and conundrums seen on documentation during the 1965 to 1967 horsepower wars. The engine pad portion will view many interesting production aberrations like: double stampings, broach mark applications, strike locations, bounce strikes, over strikes, assembly line errors and corrections as well as typical age caused surface distress. Both sessions will use extensive Power Point projection examples to illustrate topics and examples.

No NCRS Judging Points are awarded

Corvette Chat with past Engineers Dave McLellan and Dave Hill

An always interesting exchange with Dave McLellan and Dave Hill. Retired Chief Engineers of the Corvette. There knowledge of the development and production of theses cars is second to none. They were there, they did it.

No NCRS Judging Points are awarded