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How do I vote?


Members can vote in Regional Elections or Chapter Elections or other Elections based on their State or residence or chapter affiliation by following these instructions: 1. Logon to this link with your NCRS Technical Discussion Board Username and Password Vote 2. Click on “radio button” to select Regional Director Voting Members will be presented with their specific Region’s election based upon their State listing in the NCRS membership database mailing address. Members not residing in Regions IV, V and VI will receive this message; “No Voting’s are currently running”. 3. Click on “radio button” to vote for the Regional Director candidate of your choice. The candidate’s name you have selected to vote for will be highlighted. If so desired, selection changes may be made before clicking on the “Vote” button. 4. Click on the “Vote” button to submit the vote. 5. An option to print your vote will be offered. 6. An e-mail notification will be sent to the e-mail address in the NCRS database to “Thank You for Voting” and will list the candidate voted for.

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