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Sportsman Points

Solution Sportsman Points are shown in your Public Profile right below your Judging and Tabulating Points on the Technical Discussion Board.

You will be able to see a Public Profile by clicking on your name in a post you have made, or buy looking it up in the list of Currently Active Users at the bottom of the page. You can also look up a name from the “Members List” in the Community Tab from the menu above the messages.

To see your Sportsman Points:
1) Click on My Profile at the top of the page
2) Then click on About Me

Sportsman Points only accumulate for 3 running years.

Sportsman Points are also zeroed when you earn and receive a Sportsman Plaque. At that time your total starts over at 0 as you begin to earn points for additional plates that attach to your plaque.

You must earn 10 points between the convention where you earn your Plaque and the next convention to earn a plate. Points reset to zero after the convention whether you earned a plate or not.

When you get that additional plate your points again are reset to 0 in preparation for earning the next plate.

So if you don't show any Sportsman Points or your point total is lower than you expect, think back to remember how long ago you earned the points, or if you have received an award you understand that the points revert back to 0 at that time.

If you have not received credit for an event that you have participated in you need to contact the Judging Chairman of that event. You need to be aware that Judging Chairmen may need a couple weeks to a month to get the data input after an event so give them a break. If after that time you have not been awarded the points you have earned be sure and contact the Judging Chairman of the event that is not credited as soon as possible.

See the NCRS Judging Reference Manual for the official Requirements for this award.
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