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AOL User having trouble logging in!

Problem: AOL subscribers who use the AOL browser to access and logon to the Technical Discussion Board get immediately logged right back out after logging on.

Solution: To avoid this, click on the NCRS Discussion Board (see below example) at the top on the main page where the forums are displayed. This will load the new page with your logon information. DO NOT use the “back arrow” on the AOL browser. Always click on the NCRS Discussion Board threads as illustrated below. Alternative is to wait for the system to redirect you back to the forum web page.

Reason: AOL has a very active Cache (cache is a temporary storage of Web pages retrieved by a user) function, which was put into place to speed up dial up phone line access to web sites.

AOL saves copies of web pages in two places when using the AOL browser. First one is on your computer and second one is at the main server.

If after you logon, you use the "back" function at the logon welcome screen, the page displayed will often show the user not logged on. This is an illusion as the cache (saved) page is being displayed not the updated page with the User Name logon window.


TDB Forum FAQ by Jim Boudreaux

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