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User name/password failed

If you get an error while trying to log in that "The provided username and/or password are not valid."

Your Username is as important as your password.  Your Username is formatted like this.  Firstname Space Lastname Space (member number). Just like this:  John Doe (12345) except your name and member number.

If you have forgotten your password or don't remember if your Username is William or Bob you can go to Reset Password,

Enter your member number and your postal code to identify yourself.  The next page will have your correct Username near the top of the page in blue text.

If you don't remember your member number enter your first and last name instead of your member number and the next page will show your Username with your member number in parenthesis.

If you know your password just write down your Username as shown and go back to the log in page.  If you don't know your password you can enter what you want twice in the two boxes.  It will check that you entered it twice exactly the same.

We are not a bank so we don't require a strong password but you are encouraged to create one that is not obvious.


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