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Set Browser to Remember Username and Password

If using Internet Explorer do the following:
1. Open the browser - Internet Explorer
2. Click on Tools from the menu bar
3. Click on Internet Options on the bottom of the pull down menu
4. Click on Content tab at the top
5. Click on Settings in the AutoComplete section which is next to last on the bottom
6. Check boxes;
* Users Names and Passwords on forms,
* Prompt me to save passwords,
* Forms
* Click on OK at bottom of page

Note: Cookies might have to be deleted before this will take place.

To delete cookies return to the "General" tab in the Tools menu. In the Browser History section click on Delete. Click on OK

If using Mozilla Firefox do the following:
1. open the Mozilla Firefox browser
2. click on Tools from the main menu bar
3. check box “Remember passwords for sites”
4. click on OK at bottom of page.

Remember this is not substitute for writing down your user name and password and storing it in a safe place. Browsers crash as well as computers.

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