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How do I create / active my account?


Setting up a NEW account.

A new account is needed only if you don't currently have an account! If you have never had any log in credentials for the NCRS Members area of the website you probably don't have an account. Members Area includes the Technical Discussion Board.

If you are a new member since March 2008 and provided an email address when you joined you would have received instructions for setting up your account then. If you were a member previous to March 2008 there were some articles in the Driveline and Restorer about how to set up your account on the Members Only area of our website.

There are two different instructions that hinge on whether you have your username and password to set up your account. Your Username is ALWAYS your "Firstname Lastname (Member Number)" just like that. John Doe (12345), it has to match our records from your membership. So if your name is William but you go by Bill, it depends on what name you used when you joined NCRS.

You can use this link if you don't know your username and password needed to activate your account.

When you get to this page you will need Your NCRS Membership Number, or your Firstname and Lastname as they are on your Driveline/Restorer mailing label, and your Postal Code as it is on your mailing label.

Enter these items and click on the Retrieve button.

If you get an error you may need to change your name from Bill to William or whatever may be the appropriate name. You will be redirected back to the page to try again. If you get an error "This forum account is already activated or expired" it means that you already have an account. It will redirect you to the Forum where you can enter your email address and begin the process of resetting your password. You proper username will be included in the email response you will receive. You must enter the email address that is on record with your account for this to work.

When you are successful you will be redirected to a form to fill in to complete the activation. Note your username on the first line. Write it down! You will be asked to create a password for the Members Area (Technical Discussion Board). Write it down!You will need this in the future.

We ask a few other questions about you and ask that you agree to abide by the rules for using our Members Only Area.

Good Luck and we welcome you to the online benefits of being an NCRS Member.

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