April 20 - 21st, 2018 Classifieds


NCRS visits The Galley

April 14th Tour at the Galley, LLC Corporate offices / TULSA(Bixby)

Many Thanks to Pat Cavanagh and especially to Scott Anderson of the Galley for giving us a tour of the Galley Facility/Man Cave on Saturday April 14, 2018

Scott Anderson has accumulated an amazing group of collectible cars that not only includes one of the nicest Mid-year Corvettes with a Big Block engine and sidepipes but he has NASCAR cars, Ferrari's, Ford GT's and even a Smoky and a Bandit style TransAm.

CandyBar.JPG Sweetshop.JPG

Candy1.JPG CandyStore.JPG

CandyBin.JPG Jeffs24.JPG

Jimmie48.JPG JagDesk1.JPG

JagDesk2.JPG BigBlock66.JPG

Alarmed.JPG Hauler.JPG

ListenUp.JPG Neatness1.JPG

HoseMe.JPG TrailerShock.JPG

Rock&Roll.JPG Roll&Rock.JPG

BodyLanguage.JPG Jag1938SS.JPG

ThanksPat.JPG RestStop.JPG

Don't Forget about our trip To Guthrie, Ok on APRIL 21st, 2018 to see the progress on the Aircraft rebuild project
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