April 20 - 21st, 2018 Classifieds


NCRS Judging Practice

April 21st, 2018 Judging Practice at Dominic White's

Thank you to Dominic White, Scott Pfuehler, Jim Elder, Russ Grimm, Don Partridge, Kelly Bolton, Mike Smith and numerous others who prepared for and participated in this well attended NCRS Judging Practice session on a very nice Silver 1968 Corvette out of Texas on a rainy Saturday.

With mirrors and flashlights and the guideline judging sheets in hand, a swarm of club members poured over the beautiful corvette specimen while one of its owners had to be elsewhere. That had to be a 'numbing experience". (Inside Joke)

1968Vette.JPG Judging1.JPG

Judging2.JPG Judging3.JPG

Judging4.JPG Judging5.JPG

Judging6.JPG Judging7.JPG

Judging8.JPG Judging9.JPG

Judging10.JPG Judging11.JPG

Judging12.JPG NewOldStock1.JPG

NewOldStock2.JPG Russ1.JPG

Parts1Judging.JPG Parts2.JPG

Parst3.JPG Parts4.JPG

Parts5.JPG Parts6.JPG

Parst7.JPG Parts8.JPG Parts9.JPG

Don't Forget about our trip To Guthrie, Ok on May 19th, 2018 to see the progress on the Aircraft rebuild project
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  • Thanks to everyone who attended for a Great Event