Biography David Ewan

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Membership Number: 177

Once upon a time early in Dave’s professional career, he was a traveling salesman. He drove not only all over Texas but the other States in his territory. During his many road trips, he never passed up stopping at a junk yard in search of “rare and desirable” Corvette parts. This allowed Dave to acquire a huge stash of 1957 Corvette parts. Including several wrecked 1957 Corvettes. One of which was an original Air Box Corvette. He also found the rear end of another Air Box Corvette which was very unusual, because it was equipped with a power top unit.
In early 1975, Dave was reading a car magazine and noticed an ad by a newly formed Corvette organization named National Corvette Restorers Society (NCRS) looking for members. Dave promptly joined and proudly became NCRS member number 177.
April of 1979 saw Dave, along with several other south Texas NCRS members form the Texas Chapter and file an application to become a NCRS Chapter. The Texas Chapter became the tenth NCRS Chapter. Dave was elected the first Texas Chapter President.
In 1984, he organized the first Texas Chapter Judging meeting at the Grapevine Dallas Fort Worth Hilton Hotel.
Over the years, since the Texas Chapter formation, Dave held every office in the Chapter at least once.
 He also played major roles, when the Texas Chapter hosted the 2001 Convention in Galveston and the 2006 and 2017 San Antonio Conventions.
Dave was famous for “approving” the meals for the Texas Chapter Regionals and Conventions. He also was known for his signature chocolate cake dessert. Dave contributed the table decorations for the Lone Star Regionals and the San Antonio NCRS Conventions.
Another interesting story about Dave occurred in the mid 1980’s at an indoor swap meet in Houston, Dave’s booth was next to Captain Jack’s Paint stripper booth. Captain Jack said his stripper would de-rust anything. Dave said he had a part that Captain Jack stripper wouldn’t de-rust and got him to bet 4 gallons of stripper that it would. Dave, being the chemist, took a part and rubbed it down with carnauba car wax, then gave it to Captain Jack to clean. The part soaked overnight. In the morning Captain Jack removed the part from the stripper and it wasn’t de-rusted. Captain Jack begrudgingly gave Dave 4 gallons of his paint stripper free.
Dave owned many Corvettes over the years including; a 1963 Air Coupe, a 1973 5 Star Bowtie and a 1957 Duntov Fuel Injection roadster. He also restored his 1957 Air Box and his 1957 resto rod Corvette earned the first Texas Chapter Regional Concours Judging Award at the 2017 Lone Star Regional.
In 2007, Dave hauled his 1957 FI Duntov Corvette to Cumberland, Maryland, where he joined up with the Convention Road Tour to the 2007 NCRS Convention in Marlborough, Massachusetts. The Road Tour took scenic roads through the back country of Pennsylvania And over many covered bridges. After passing over several, Dave was quoted as saying; “if you’ve seen one covered bridge, you’ve seen them all”.
Dave was active not just in the Texas chapter, but also the NCRS. He was a significant contributor to multiple updates of the 1956-57 Judging Manual.
In 2014 Dave was elected NCRS Board of Directors as the Region VII Director. He went on to be elected NCRS Vice President and served as Vice President for the rest of his Board of Director’s tenure, which ended in 2020.
Dave received many awards for his dedication and support of the Texas Chapter and the NCRS, including the only member to have received a Texas Chapter Lifetime Achievement Award and the NCRS 2006 President’s Award.
During his NCRS judging career, he earned a Red Hat, a 4 Star Master Judge and points towards a NCRS 5 Star Judges award.
Outside of the NCRS, Dave was involved in Rusty’s Morningstar Ranch. A charity for adults with autism where he served as Rusty’s Board Vice President.
Dave’s devotion and dedication to the Texas Chapter and NCRS will be sorely missed.

Join Year: 1975

Deceased Date: 01-18-2021

Previous Chapter Affiliations:
Arizona Chapter
Louisiana Chapter
Texas Chapter
United Kingdom Chapter

Achieved Flight Judging Car Award(s):

1963 Corvette: Flight Judging Award (Top Flight) at NEW BRAUNFELS TX (Chapter) in 1986

1957 Corvette: Flight Judging Award (Top Flight) at WACO TX (Chapter) in 1993

1973 Corvette: Flight Judging Award (Top Flight) at WACO TX (Regional) in 1996

1973 Corvette: Bowtie/Star Award at LAKE PLACID NY in 1997

1973 Corvette: Performance Verification Award at WACO TX in 1997

1973 Corvette: 5 Star Bowtie Award at COLLINSVILLE in 1998

1973 Corvette: Duntov Award at COLLINSVILLE in 1998

1973 Corvette: Flight Judging Award (Top Flight) at COLLINSVILLE (National) in 1998

1957 Corvette: Flight Judging Award (Top Flight) at Galveston TX (Regional) in 2000

1957 Corvette: Flight Judging Award (Second Flight) at Ft Worth TX (Chapter) in 2007

1957 Corvette: Flight Judging Award (Top Flight) at Marlborough MA (National) in 2007

1957 Corvette: Performance Verification Award at Waco TX in 2007

1957 Corvette: Duntov Award at Saint Charles MO in 2008

1957 Corvette: Flight Judging Award (Top Flight) at Saint Charles MO (National) in 2008

1957 Corvette: Flight Judging Award (Top Flight) at Texas Chapter Meet - Austin 2010 (Chapter) at 04-10-2010

1957 Corvette: Flight Judging Award (Top Flight) at 2011 Lone Star Regional Meet (Regional) at 10-28-2011

1957 Corvette: Ladies Choice Award at 2011 Lone Star Regional Meet at 10-28-2011

Achieved Concours Judging Car Award(s):

1957 Corvette: Concours Stock Award at 2017 Lone Star Regional (Regional) at 10-28-2017

Achieved Judging Award(s):
Level 400 Master Judge, Red Hat

Achieved Special Award(s):
Presidents (2006)

Five Star Judging Points:
Mechanical: 11
Opertaions: 20

Flight Judging Points: 400