Biography Tyler Townsley

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Membership Number: 4814

In  Memory of Tyler Townsley-Florida Chapter member
The Florida Chapter wanted to announce the unexpected passing of Tyler Townsley (77)  on April 6, 2021, a long time Florida Chapter NCRS member.  Tyler served the chapter well as registrar for the Annual Florida Chapter Regional, handling the Vendor Registration as well as general membership registrations.
Thousands of NCRS members and guests came to know Tyler through his work as registration chairman for the Florida Chapter Winter Regional meets. Year after year, he would process the paperwork and assign the 200+ vendor spaces, register the members and provide data to the Judging chairmen.  He worked well with all committee members and the success of more than 30 years of Florida Chapter meets was largely due to Tyler Townsley and his organizational skills.

He loved the LT5 Corvette project and enjoyed owning a prototype, which he proudly displayed at Bloomington Gold Special Collection. He was thrilled to acquire a one-off clear plexi-glass hood to display the LT-5 power plant. He also enjoyed the relationships he built with GM and Chevrolet engineers-current and retired. Tyler was a true “Car Guy”. 

Tyler was an amazing person, as he would say, everything was possible and Tyler would make it happen.  He loved creativity and discovering new ideas that had not been explored .  He was a magnet for the latest technology, loved researching and discussing and appreciating it. He was a very thankful person for everyone and always had such gratitude for peoples’ contributions. If Tyler committed to doing something you better hang on for the ride because he was going for it. Tyler was a generous person with his time and always willing to help.     

Ed Augustine commented that Tyler was the best “wingman” a guy could ask for as he co-chaired the Regional meet for over 20 years. Tyler was the behind the scenes guy who devoted a lot of his personal time to making the Regional event the best that it could be.  Tyler meant a lot to me as a friend, co chairman and good all around person and I would like to thank the family for sharing him with us.   I can only hope the NCRS membership appreciated his huge contributions for many years.  His love of cars and people was obvious to all and he will be dearly missed.

Tyler was born 4.13.1944 in Valparaiso, Florida in the Panhandle of Florida, near the beaches of Destin. He was a graduate of Florida State University and served military time during the Vietnam era in the US Air Force as a communications equipment and transportation technician and attended Officer Training School. Tyler resided in Mulberry, Florida, since 1980 with his family, Averill Jane, his wife of 53 years, his daughter Tyrene and his son Dean and family. Tyler had a career with the U.S. Postal Service and retired after 20 years service.  He was a very devoted family man and was actively being a caregiver for his wife Averil.

Join Year: 1981

Deceased Date: 04-06-2021

Achieved Flight Judging Car Award(s):

1988 Corvette: American Heritage Award at Charlotte, NC 2010 National at 07-14-2010

Flight Judging Points: 27