Biography Larry Shoup

Membership Number: 5077

The Michigan Chapter has again lost one of its most dedicated and knowledgeable members, Larry Shoup. He passed away on December 13, 2016, after a long fought battle with cancer. He was a loyal participant at our chapter judging events and technical seminars, an enthusiast who would always sweat the details and devote countless hours of research to achieve the ultimate degree of authenticity and correctness in his restoration projects. Larry owned several second and third generation Corvettes that were all restored to exquisite standards.
Most outstanding of Larry's qualities was his positive and upbeat attitude, a trait admired by all as he was always there to offer assistance and support other members. His ability to research and document component originality, restore, categorize and pre-stage components for Corvette reassembly was unrivaled. His diligence, drive and never quit attitude also made him infamous in his professional career as a Pharmacist. His creative application of bar coding technology in the distribution of medication to patients, revolutionized quality processes in hospitals accross the country and has saved countless lives.

Join Year: 1981

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Flight Judging Points: 11