Biography John Pirkle

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Membership Number: 11739

John was a NCRS Board member and the NCRS representative on the National Corvette Museum Board of Directors.

John also served as co-chair of the NCRS 2000 National Convention at Bowling Green, KY and as chair of the NCRS 2010 National Convention at Charlotte, NC. John was past chairperson of the Southeast Chapter of NCRS.
John served his country in the US Army, retiring with the rank of full colonel, a helicopter pilot and veteran of Vietnam, an active church missionary, a member of the Augusta Rotary Club and the AACA.

Join Year: 1987

Deceased Date: 09-30-2011

Achieved Flight Judging Car Award(s):

1966 Corvette: Flight Judging Award (Top Flight) at BANNER ELK NC (Chapter) in 1998

1966 Corvette: Founders Award at SUN VALLEY ID in 1999

Achieved Judging Award(s):
Level 400 Master Judge

Achieved Special Award(s):
Member Of Year (2001)
Lifetime Achievement (2013)

Flight Judging Points: 400