Biography Stephen Koss

Membership Number: 4450

Steve joined NCRS in March, 1981 and served as the Membership Chairman in the Florida Chapter for many years. Steve wrote several articles for The Corvette Restorer Magazine and contributed extensive information and previously unpublished photographs for books authored by Noland Adams. At Cypress Gardens several times, he presented a movie depicting the introduction of fiberglass as a proposed material for Corvette bodies, methods of body panel fabrication and the 1953 assembly line.

As a GM Tech Center Parts Fabrication employee, Steve was involved with development of the experimental fiberglass program during its infancy stages. He assisted in construction of the fiberglass bodied '52 Chevrolet and '53 Motorama Corvettes along with other exposition projects. He developed 24 patented plastic processes used in the manufacture of Corvette fiberglass bodies while at Parts Fab. Steve hired his brother, Ted, to work under his direction at Parts Fab. Steve retired after 30 years service with GM.

Join Year: 1978

Deceased Date: 10-26-1997