Biography Randy Richardson

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Membership Number: 4309

Randy was an early member of the Texas Chapter. Randy joined NCRS in 1981.
Randy, whose CB handle was "Mooner", participated many early Texas Chapter meets and road tours. Memorable events are the road tour trips to; Copper Mountain in 1984 in his red 1963 split window coupe, Reno and Bend in 1990. On the Bend Road Tour, Randy wanted to go to Coos Bay on highway one since he saw it in a Coors commercial and wanted to see if it was a real place.
Randy worked in Hawaii for several years and took his 1967 yellow roadster with.

Randy is fondly remembered for being an expert in rebuilding C2 trailing arms. Randy never turned down rebuilding trailing arms for fellow Texas Chapter NCRS members if they brought their trailing arms to him.
Randy lived on Galveston Island and assisted with the 2001 Galveston NCRS National Convention.

Join Year: 1981

Deceased Date: 03-15-2013

Achieved Flight Judging Car Award(s):

1963 Corvette: Flight Judging Award (Second Flight) at BOWLING GREEN KY (National) in 1983

1963 Corvette: Flight Judging Award (Top Flight) at COPPER MOUNTAIN CO (National) in 1984

1963 Corvette: Flight Judging Award (Top Flight) at NEW BRAUNFELS TX (Chapter) in 1986