Racing Corvettes: The Early Years

Racing Corvettes: The Early Years


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A scrapbook assembled by Art Evans with remembrances by John Fitch and friends

If you are interested in Corvette racing- you need to have this on your bookshelf. "Scrapbook" is the best way to describe this neat book. Mr Evans supplements neat period photos with the drivers' memories of the cars and races. Neat stuff!

Chapters include:

  • Introduction
  • 1956 Daytona
  • 1956 Sebring by John Fitch
  • Dick Thompson Remembers
  • Bill Pollack Remembers
  • Trying for Sebring by Jim Jeffords
  • 1957 Model by Dick Guldstrand
  • New Smyrna Beach
  • 1957 Sebring by John Fitch
  • Dick Thompson Remembers
  • Pete Lovely Remembers
  • Shelby in Corvettes
  • Andy Porterfield Remembers
  • 1958 Model by Ken Miles
  • Performance Plus with a Competition Corvette
  • 1959 Model by Jim Jeffords
  • America's Second Charge on LeMans by James Grinnell
  • Zora Arkus-Duntov
  • John Fitch
  • Bob Bondurant
  • Jerry Grant
  • Dick Guldstrand
  • Jim Jeffords
  • Pete Lovely
  • Ken Miles
  • Bill Pollack
  • Andy Porterfield
  • Carroll Shelby
  • Buddies Get Together

Softbound, with 78 pages and lots of neat period black/white photos.


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