(image for) Chevrolet Radio Service & Shop Manual 1956-1957

Chevrolet Radio Service & Shop Manual 1956-1957


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This manual is a partial reprint of an original 1957 Chevrolet Radio Service and Shop Manual P&A 15-7. The information in this Service and Shop Manual covers a general description of the Chevrolet Corvette radio #3725156, and thorough data on operations, specifications, and procedures for testing and servicing.

Chapters include:

  • Alignment procedure
  • Capacity and inductance alignment procedure
  • Checking and servicing procedure
  • Circuit diagram (schematic)
  • Electrical description
  • General information
  • Push button setting
  • Radio complaints- fuse blown
  • Radio complaints- noisy
  • Radio complaints- weak
  • Service parts list
  • Servicing Signal Seeker unit
  • Signal tracing diagram
  • Signal tracing procedure
  • Tube complement and function
  • Voltage checking procedure

Softbound, 40 pages and lots of photos and diagrams.


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