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NEW Ninth Edition!

The NCRS Judging System is quite complex- don't go in without a guide!

This manual outlines all rules, procedures, and policies pertaining to NCRS judging events held world-wide, conducting an NCRS Judging School, Duntov Mark of Excellence Awards, McLellan Mark of Excellence Awards, Flight Awards, Performance Verification Testing, Sportsman Award, Chevrolet Bowtie/Star Awards, NCRS Crossed Flags Award, NCRS Founders Award, etc.

It's must-have knowledge for Corvette owners, NCRS Team Judges, Tabulators, Observer Judges, and all participants. If you are restoring a car to be judged- there is information in this manual vital for making decisions as on how to proceed, where to spend money and where you don't need to!

Chapters include:

  • NCRS Judging: Owner's Advisory
  • NCRS Judging: Judge's Advisory
  • NCRS Manuals and their use
  • NCRS judging Purpose, Standards, Guidelines, Rules & Procedures
  • NCRS Flight Scoring System
  • Standard Deduction Guidelines, purpose & use
  • NCRS Awards
  • NCRS Performance Verification (PV) Judging and Award
  • NCRS Duntov, McLellan, and Hill Mark of Excellence Awards
  • NCRS International Mark of Excellence Award
  • NCRS Star & NCRS Bowtie Awards for Preservation Excellence
  • NCRS Chevrolet Crossed Flags Award
  • NCRS Founders Award
  • NCRS Sportsman Award
  • NCRS American Heritage Award
  • NCRS Challenge Car Award
  • NCRS Event Chairman, Team Leaders, Judges, Observer Judges (OJ's), Tabulators, and The NCRS Judges and Tabulators Recognition Program
  • Planning, Conducting, and Reporting an Event
  • Judges, Observer Judges & Owner's Meetings
  • NCRS Judging Schools
  • Additional Award Definitions
  • Form Appendix: Judging Summary (Green Sheet), Judging Teams, Team Leader Check List, Judging School Event Signup Form, Event Results, Star/Bowtie Application, Crossed Flags Application, and the Judging Quality Survey

This manual is a must have if you ever plan on having your car judged- now or in the future. 

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