NCRS Operations Judging Video on DVD

NCRS Operations Judging Video on DVD

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A detailed discussion of NCRS Operations Judging. Essential for judges and extremely helpful for car owners, too! Operations scoring covers between 16-17% of total points awarded during Flight Judging. A poor operations score can quickly move a beautifully restored Corvette to a lower Flight score. Understand Operations before you enter a car for judging!

Presenter: Arland Dower- Regional Training & Quality Assurance Advisor

1. Introduction to Operations Judging
2. Operational Do's and Don'ts
3. Operations Overview: Observations; Deduction definitions; Comparison between divisions; Comparison to other areas of judging; Examples of specific operations; Safety, security and other allowances; Added features; Scoring bonuses; Trickle Up Effect; and Ultimate Operations Result
Running Time: 38 minutes


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