Corvette Fuel Injection 1982-2001

Corvette Fuel Injection 1982-2001


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How to Understand, Service, and Modify Corvette Fuel Injection & Electronic Engine Management
L83, L98, LT1, LT4, LS!, LS6, and ZR-1

It's a hands-on guide to understanding, servicing and modifying your Corvette Electronic Engine Management System.

Over 100 pages of wiring diagrams and test specifications.
Step-by-step procedures for troubleshooting and service.
How to read both 2 and 3 digit trouble codes- what is your Corvette trying to tell you?
How the fuel injection systems work- fundamentals and theory
How to increase air and fuel flow using easy add-on parts and other high-performance tips.
Content includes:
1. Introduction
  •  The Beginnings of Corvette Fuel injection
  •  What's in This Book?
  •  Chapter 1. Overview
  •  Chapter 2. Fundamentals
  •  Chapter 3. Emissions and Fuels
  •  Chapter 4-7. The Different Parts of The System
  •  Chapter 8. Strategies
  •  Chapter 9. Tuning for Performance and Economy
  •  Chapter 10. Diagnosis
  •  Chapter 11. Servicing
  •  Chapter 12. Schematics
  •  Terminology
  •  Metrics
2. Basics of Fuel Injection
  •  Air/Fuel Mixture
  •  Contrast with Carburetors
  •  Fuel Injection
  •  Background
  •  Electrojector- The Original EFI
  •  Bosch Influence
  •  Bosch/Bendix/General Motors
3. Corvette Fuel Injection Systems
  •  Throttle Body Injection (TBI)
  •  Tuned Port Injection (TPI)
  •  Comparison- TBI Port Injection
4. Total Engine Control
  •  Ignition
  •  Idle-Air Control-Closed Throttle
  •  Emission Control
5. Applications
388 Pages with hundreds of charts and diagrams.


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