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Our best-selling Corvette Restorer Magazine CD-ROMs have been completely redesigned to work on ANY computer.

ALL PC's, Mac's, mobile devices, and ANY operating system- Windows 7®, Windows Vista®, Windows XP®, Windows XP Pro®, Mac OS®, Mac OSX®, Pocket PC®, Palm OS®, Symbian®, etc! Absolutely any computer that can use Adobe Reader® can use these DVD's.

It took a team of people months to accomplish, but they have re-scanned nearly 6,000 original magazine pages from Volume 1, Number 1 through the present in order to create these new PDF based compilations. Now there's absolutely no excuse to not have this valuable information in your Corvette library! This is a complete listing of the DVD's we carry. From time to time they may not all be in stock.

1953-1955 Model Year DVD 1,071 articles 3,026 pages.

1956-1957 Model Year DVD 1,182 articles 3,298 pages.

1958-1960 Model Year DVD 1,195 articles 3,374 pages.

1961-1962 Model Year DVD 1,209 articles 3,430 pages.

1963-1964 Model Year DVD 1,236 articles 3,520 pages.

1965 Model Year DVD 1,203 articles 3,430 pages.

1966 Model Year DVD 1,169 articles 3,319 pages.

1967 Model Year DVD 1,179 articles 3,361 pages.

1968-1969 Model Year DVD 1,046 articles 2,959 pages.

1970-1972 Model Year DVD 1,051 articles 2,957 pages.

1973-1974 Model Year DVD ...955 articles 2,705 pages.

1975-1977 Model Year DVD ...940 articles 2,648 pages.

1978-1979 Model Year DVD ...910 articles 2,565 pages.

1980-1982 Model Year DVD ...907 articles 2,552 pages.

1953-1962 C1 Model Year DVD 1,477 articles 4,192 pages.

1963-1967 C2 Model Year DVD 1,375 articles 3,935 pages.

1968-1982 C3 Model Year DVD 1,150 articles 3,232 pages.

1953-1982 EVERYTHING DVD 2,110 articles 5,990 pages. 

The Corvette Restorer on DVD Customized for your model year! Priced accordingly!


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