1953-2021 Corvette Black Book

1953-2021 Corvette Black Book


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Since 1978, the Genuine Corvette Black Book

It's not your imagination: the 2018 Corvette Black Book (written by LONG-TIME NCRS member, Mike Antonick) IS almost a full inch taller than a few years ago. The 2018 edition includes thousands of facts, window-sticker prices, options and option codes, exterior and interior colors and codes, production quantities, and compilations of details that make each model unique.


The 2021 Corvette Black Book summarizes all that’s new with the 2018s, and wraps up 2017 production with interim changes and production counts for models, options and colors.  It has changes to 16 pages compared to the previous edition.

This 1953-2021 pocket sized marvel has thousands of facts including options and codes, exterior and interior colors and codes, production figures, serial numbers for body, engine and component parts and a compilation of the little details that make each Corvette model unique. 

The Black Book contains one "chapter" dedicated to each Corvette model year from 1953 through 2021.

Each chapter has the following topics:

  • "Numbers"
  • Model specific facts
  • Model year options
  • Colors

Other topics covered in the book:

  • Terms Glossary
  • Historic Dates
  • Instructions
  • Sales Graphs
  • Price Graphs
  • Chronology
  • Photos/Specs
  • Addenda

Mike is constantly collecting info and revising/tweaking his work. By categorizing it in a precise year-to-year format, this book puts real expertise at your fingertips.


Softbound, 160 pages, 4.25 x 10 inches. It is still "pocket-size"!


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