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All listings for: Harry Ledgerwood (2901)

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Original 1966 Passenger Side Window dated AJ

Here is a Tinted 1966 Side...

$100.00 USD
Original Early 1958 Side Glass - Left and Right

Here is a set of Original...

$200.00 USD
Original 1961 and Early 1962 Wonderbar Radio

Here is a very nice 1961 and...

$450.00 USD
Original NOS 1956-57 Front Fender Stainless Trim

Here is an Original NOS...

$100.00 USD
Original 1956-60 Passenger Door Post

Here is a nice Original...

$150.00 USD
Original 1961-62 Fan Clutch Early Design Dated F62

Here is an Original 1961-62...

$85.00 USD
Original 1967-68Switzer Fan Clutch dated 6/7/67

Here is an original Small...

$120.00 USD
Original Rebuilt 1963-64 Headlight Motor Date 8/63

Here is a professionally...

$350.00 USD
Original Restored 1963 Headlight Motor Dated 12/62

Here is a professionally...

$350.00 USD
Original Dated 1967 Jacks

I have several original Dated...

$750.00 USD