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Wells19 Buchanan19 
Wes Wells 2019 Terry Buchanan 2003 Mike Treece 1985 Terry Buchanan 2019 Kirk McHugh 1967
   Rodgers64 Small 
Tom Fetchik 1967 Gene Milhoan 1964 Terry Buchanan1968 Perry Yasher 1967 John Rogers 1964
Tom Smith 1994 Dino Lanno 1962 John Clouse 1988 Randy Early 2012 Joe Mattingly 2013
Keating60R McGue95   
Tom Fetchik 2000 Terry Keating 1960    Tim Keating 1960  Mike McGue 1995  Joe Eyl 2000
Joe Mattingly 1966 Richard Crary 2007   Eric Sponsellar 1969  Randy Early 2020 Leonard Sedlak 1963
Dingman66 McGue89
Tom Dingman 1966 Mike Treece 1986 Mike McGue 1989 Nick Petruzzi 1975 Randy Early 1966
Hearndon67 Blowers20
Dave King 1994 Mark Hearndon 1967 Nick Petruzzi 1967 Dino Lanno 1964 Skip Blowers 20
McGue08 Hagan57 Hearndon96 Soller67 Hearndon76
Mike McGue 2008 Pete Hagan 1957 Mark Hearndon1996 Jim Soller 1967 Mark Hearndon 1976
Hearndon08 Erenpreiss61 Small
  Small Jerry Moeslein  
Mark Hearndon 2008 Scott Erenpreiss 1961 Norm Yager 1964 Jerry Moeslein 1966  
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  Heart of Ohio Chapter Members: For your Corvette to be entered as a Members' Corvette, please send a digital photo to the webmaster.  Include the following information.

1.  Your Name

2.  Year of Corvette

3.  Exterior Color

4.  Material and Color of Interior

5.  Transmission Type

6.  Cu. In. & Horse Power of Motor

7.  Options or interesting facts about your Corvette