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AllVette is the leader in Pre-Owned Corvette sales in the mid-atlantic region...delivering 'as-new', late-model Used Corvettes nationwide and worldwide. AllVette is a Corvette-exclusive dealer based in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania suburbs. We are heavily involved in the Corvette community...and have been for over 30 years. We're the premier Corvette dealership for low-mileage C5 Corvettes and C6 Corvettes... serving discriminating Corvette buyers for over a decade.  Our hand-picked, low-mileage C5 Corvettes and C6 Corvettes are always stored inside our temperature-controlled warehouse facility. Call 866-427-VETT, or 610-918-8388 to schedule an appointment to view our pre-owned Corvettes. Sell Your Used Corvette...Corvettes AllVette Corvettes Wanted. We will gladly purchase your used Corvette -- if the condition, price and location are right. Our interests are in low-mileage C5 Corvettes (1997 -- 2004) and C6 Corvettes (2005 to 2010). Additionally, we are always interested in C1 Corvettes, C2 Corvettes, C3 Corvettes and C4 Corvettes. We specialize in low-mileage used Corvettes with great options and color combinations. We provide prompt payment as well as pay-off liens on your pre-owned Corvette. Call AllVette and ask for Louis at 610-517-8555. We will make selling your used Corvette quick, convenient, and painless..!! ....Long-time NCRS Member #13490  

15 Hagerty Blvd Suite F
West Chester, PA 19382
Phone: (610) 918-8388
Fax: (610) 918-0101

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