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NCRS Membership Services

This page is here to assist you with normal membership services through the web site rather than a phone call to the Cincinnati Office.  Our goal is to make as many avenues available to members to keep their membership working smoothly for them.   If you have any suggestions to add to this page please

Join NCRS Here! You can join online through the NCRS Online Store if you are not presently a member.

Renew Membership now online through the NCRS Online Store.  You can renew for one year or select recurring billing to keep your membership active with no bother.

Update Member Details Change the address where your Driveline and Restorer are delivered. You can also change your email address, phone number, cell number, birth date, shirt size or your first name. You can also add family members to your membership record.

Include Family members in your membership.  Your spouse (significant other) or children (23 and under) can accumulate Judging and Tabbing points, or show a car of their own.

Join an NCRS Chapter in your region for Chapters that accept online Memberships.

Find Chapters that do not accept online memberships yet on our Contacts Page.

Renew your Chapter Membership for participating Chapters.

Visit the Online Classifieds to find a car or part you are looking for, or to sell a car or part you no longer need.

Find the dealer who delivered your 1965 through 1972 Corvette. Validate any documents such as window sticker or tank sticker for your 1965 through 1972 Corvette. Find the NCRS judging history for your car. NCRS Historic Document Service.

Find the dealer who delivered your 1965 through 1972 Chevrolet Camaro, Chevelle or Nova. The information consists of the dealer code, dealer zone number, dealer name and dealer address (if available) and the date the car was produced. No other information or any types of documents are available. Chevy Muscle Docs.

Visit our Online Store for reference books, repair manuals, and other interesting reading related to your Corvette. We also have a wide variety of collectables and gift ideas, Corvette related of course.

Join our Technical Discussion Board where members gather to discuss issues and help other members with the restoration, preservation and enjoyment of their Corvettes.

Visit the Help Desk! We have a small but dedicated crew who will answer your questions about the Website, or NCRS. Trouble logging in to the Membership Only area? Trouble with a Driveline or Restorer mangled in the mail? Trouble with an order from the NCRS Online Store? Bring it to the Help Desk for quick resolution.

For other services, or if you don't find what you need here please contact:

National Corvette Restorers Society
6291 Day Road
Cincinnati, Ohio 45252-1334
24 Hour FAX Line: 513-385-8554

Other services that can be obtained through the Cincinnati office:

Membership Applications - Information,
Subscription Information,
Publication Editorial - Advertising Information
& Merchandise Catalog Sales