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The National Corvette Restorers Society (NCRS) is a community of dedicated Corvette lovers. Our objective is the restoration, preservation, history and enjoyment of all Corvette models and configurations.

Join for the cars and stay for the friends!

News & Events

Coming Events

Each year the NCRS sponsors one National Convention that rotates among geographic areas, six to eight regional meets, and 48+ chapter meets.

2024 NCRS Hampton Roads VA, National Convention
Sunday August 4th through Thursday August 8th, 2024

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All year long, you can enjoy road tours, social gatherings, tech sessions, seminars, and much more that members can participate in. The Driveline details information on the National Convention and the Regional Meets, as well as meets that our 48 Chapter hold, with registration forms to attend, enter a Corvette and participate in all the activities.

You will also find all of the coming events online at https://www.ncrs.org/news-and-events/index.php

We have many pictures from the recent French Lick National Convention provided by our Restorer/Driveline Editor, Vinnie Peters here. We hope you enjoy them if you were there and jealous it you missed it.

Here is a nice video from a recent Southeast Chapter Meet. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h41L-RZP8fw. If you have never been to a NCRS Meet this shows a little of the exitement you are missing.

Member News

The latest news and documents for members only.

  • Restoration Technical Info

    Established in 1974 the NCRS has been accumulating information about the manufacture and maintenance of Corvette models from 1953 to the present. You can benefit from mountains of technical information. When you join NCRS you have access to the combined knowledge of thousands of current and previous members. A group of 19 Technical Advisors, who are recognized as authorities in their fields, are also just a letter or email away. Whatever problems you might run into either for resoration or just keeping your car maintained have been solved in the past by other NCRS members, and they are unfailingly willing to help. Why reinvent the wheel?

  • NCRS Flight Judging

    NCRS judging is recognized around the world as THE STANDARD in determining originality. The judging system educates members about their cars in addition to providing recognition for excellence in the areas of restoration, performance, or preservation.

  • NCRS Concours Judging

    What if your Corvette is not completely stock? NCRS's newest award is for those that are not factory original. Even "restomods" with or without body modifications may be entered in the Concours classes where items are judged solely on their condition, not whether Chevrolet installed them during that model year. Points are earned at each event toward an NCRS Concours Award. See a list of all of the NCRS awards and the criteria for you to earn them.

  • NCRS Publications

    Your membership includes a subscription to the award-winning quarterly publication - The Corvette Restorer. That is four information-packed issues per year in full color and NO ads, only technical articles, how-to articles, historical articles, etc. All written by your fellow members.

    You also receive six issues of The Driveline, the perfect companion publication. The Driveline averages 144 pages per issue and contains hundreds of ads by members, hobby news, NCRS event information, and it's NOW also IN FULL COLOR! Buy, sell, or trade through free 50-word ads for all members. Plus, there are vendor ads for services and parts that are not likely found in other publications.

    Join now and enjoy all the Corvette information available to members. Click on the services link in the menu above to see all we have going on.

    Join online now and enjoy all the Corvette information available to members. After joining, an automated email will be sent with information that allows access to ALL the Corvette information on the NCRS website.

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