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Hagerty Insurance!!!

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CLASSIC PRODUCTS, LEGENDARY SERVICE With over 25 years of experience, innovation and passion, we've earned our place as the worldwide leader of collector car and boat insurance. Here’s what makes us special: Great Product Collectors are all we insure; every aspect of our policy focuses on their needs. With our unique Guaranteed Value, low premiums and key extras like roadside assistance and spare parts coverage, our policy keeps clients doing what they love without worry or hassle. Outstanding Service Strong Partners We only form partnerships with proven performers. Underwriters we work with include Essentia in the U.S., Aviva or Elite in Canada, or Hiscox in the U.K. All companies have financial ratings of A (Excellent) or better. Focus on Satisfaction Hagerty’s Net Promoter Score – a measure of client satisfaction – is unmatched in the industry, putting Hagerty in an elite group of best-in-class service organizations such as Costco, Southwest Airlines, Nordstrom and Zappos.* *Based upon information published by Satmetirx Systems, Inc. Net Promoter, NPS, and Net Promoter Score are trademarks of Satmetrix Systems, Inc., Bain & Company, Inc., and Fred Reichheld. Specialists on call Whether you need help with your insurance policy, determining vehicle value, understanding legislation that affects the hobby, or advice on repairing your classic, we're a company full of experts and we’re happy to help. Outstanding Claims Experience We're totally committed to fast, quality service. Our adjusters have hands-on training in classic car repair, and we have a part specialist on staff to help clients find rare parts. The Extras Classic Car Articles & Resources Database Written by in-house experts and outsider industry experts alike, our ever-growing database of classic car articles serves as a valuable resource to collector car owners all over the world. Hagerty Classic Car Magazine Published in-house, our unique magazine profiles the cars, people and experiences of the collector world. Hagerty Price Guide We publish an accurate, authoritative classic car value guide for post-war collector cars. Hobby Support Hagerty has founded and supports non-profits dedicated to the success of the collecting hobby, including the Collectors Foundation, Historic Vehicle Association and Youth Programs!

PO Box 1303
Traverse City, MI 49685-1303
Phone: (877) 922-9701
Fax: (231) 941-8227

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