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Gen 4 Restorations!!!

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Joe is a long-time NCRS member specializing in restoring 1953-1982 radiator caps; 1957-1974 gas caps; 1965-1967 Stant oil caps; and Delco-GM horns for ALL 1953-1996 Corvettes. Radiator-Gas-Oil Cap Restoration Caps are disassembled, old plating stripped, all seals, gaskets, and washers replaced. Reassembled with 100% correct rivets as original. Pressure tested/guaranteed. Original and NOS caps sold outright when available. Delco-GM Horn Restoration Steel rivet reconstruction internal and external- no soft aluminum rivets used. Correct rivet heads- there ARE differences! Damaged/bent castings and brackets repaired and replaced. Rebuilt horns duplicate ALL aspects of original assembly, material, configuration, appearance, and function. Original rebuilt horns also sold outright, contact for availability. Guaranteed for as long as you own your car!

Phone: (312) 307-1977

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