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Corvette America!!!

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About Corvette America Serving the Corvette Community Since 1977. We are the #1 Manufacturer and Supplier of Corvette Parts, Interiors & Wheels. Our products are available from ALL major Corvette parts suppliers! • Hi-Tech & Handcrafted Manufacturing in Reedsville, Pennsylvania. Modern Gerber Cutting Machine & 5-axis CNC Router reduce waste, saving time and money. • The Largest Selection & Highest Quality Corvette Interiors. Large manufacturing facility, more raw materials, higher production and faster turn-around times for our customers. • We have a Large Selection of Parts and Accessories at Competitive Prices! And we will match ANY competitor's price! • World Class Customer Service from the best team in the business! When you call Corvette America, you'll talk with someone who knows. • Fast Service & Delivery! Most orders are processed & shipped the same day. We ship product and fulfill orders faster than the competition! • Worldwide Service! Corvette America products are available through thousands of dealers worldwide, restoration shops and your local dealer. We're glad you clicked your way to the Corvette America website. We hope your visit here is functional, informative and fun. If you have any questions or comments about Corvette America and this website, we invite you to e-mail them to us at Your opinions matter to us. That's why and how we keep doing what we do! Thank you. Corvette America

100 Classic Car Drive
Reedsville, PA 17084
Phone: (800) 458-3475
Fax: (717) 667-3174

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