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The 65 66 Corvettes with the U69 radio option had an unusual antenna. It was driven by a motor very similar to that which drove the headlight doors. The motor worm gear drove a plastic gear that was attached to a metal gear assembly. The two pieces were coupled using four spring loaded balls that were loaded against 4 rivet detents. This acted as a clutch and limited the amount of force that could transferred to metal gear. The metal gear drove a helically wound drive cable. This cable was attached to the last mast section and was wound up in a plastic spool in the antenna housing.

The mast was unusual also. It consisted of three chromed and one stainless steel sections. When retracted it remained approximately 13 1/2 inches above the body. This made it a sometimes irresistible target of children and drunkards. The three tubular mast sections have a circular indentation around the mast 1/2 inch from the end. However the second mast sections ring was often only .45 inches below. The tip was a unique shape that for some reason is rarely reproduced correctly. When raised the mast extended slightly over 4 feet in length. At over a hundred miles an hour you can imagine why few remained straight. The antenna body was dipped a protective coating I believe was an oil impregnated wax coating.

As the years passed most of these antennas suffered dearly from the elements. Water ran down the mast into the housings. The drive cables rusted and the drainage hole in the bottom clogged. Some of the drainage holes were never opened after they were dipped. The cables corroded until they swelled inside the last mast section and froze. The clutch rusted up and froze also. This allowed the motor to provide greater force to the cable and allowed the motor to burn the brushes. Alas few originals survived.

I shudder to think what it would cost to remake this antenna today. The design was shelved after two years and replacement production stopped in 1968.

I have been restoring these antennas for over a year now after first restoring mine on my 66 coupe project. I believe I can provide the nicest restorations for a reasonable price. Select more pages on the left for more information and pictures. Thanks for visiting this site.

If there are any pictures or information you want posted here please email me at and let me know. Thanks.

You can now restore your C2 Corvette power antenna at a more reasonable cost.

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