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Melrose T-Tops!!!

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Our goal is simple.  Produce and sell parts that we can stand behind, be a reliable supplier, be an expert in the field of the parts we provide.

Melrose T-Top has proudly serviced the Corvette market with restoration parts since 1983.  Incorporating reliability, excellent customer service, and top-quality parts, Melrose T-Top has secured its place in the Corvette market as the premiere GM licensed manufacturer of Corvette T-Tops and roofs. Please stay a while and browse our catalog. 40 years of growth has fueled the addition of many new parts specializing in: Replacement T-Tops, Roofs and accessories, headlights, weather-stripping, and much more.

100 West Ellwalk Avenue
Cortland, IL 60112
Phone: 815-758-2783
Fax: 815-758-2796

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