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Garage Style Magazine!!!

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Garage Style Magazine is what's been missing. A publication devoted entirely to garages and collections - we cover collectibles such as automobilia, petroliana, neon, porcelain, and more; we also bring to you the ideas that make a garage work, such as tools, cabinets and storage solutions, car covers, lifts, and doors to name a few; and, of course, we work in a few lifestyle bits - electronics such as stereos, televisions, and other entertainment must haves, and some luxury products such as watches, briefcases, handbags, travel ideas and personal items. After all, what doesn't belong in the garage? GSM is on sale now at various bookstores across the USA and Canada - check to search your area now!  If you're unable to locate a copy, call 800.999.9718 and we'll sell you a copy directly.

P.O. Box 812
La Habra, CA 90633-0812
Phone: (800) 999-9718

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