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The History of Corvette Mike

Leader of the Pack for over 30 years (est. 1982), in which time Corvette Mike has earned a reputation of unsurpassed integrity, and expertise while becoming one of the world's leading sports car dealers. Dealing in Corvettes, American Muscle cars, Ferrari, Porsche and Jaguar among others Corvette Mike is your one stop for your collection and sports car needs. The company was founded by the "Corvette" Mike Vietro, who fell in love with Corvettes as a teenager pumping gas in the Boston suburb of Everett, Massachusetts. Mike Vietro settled in Southern California after serving a term in the U.S. Marine Corp. in the mid-1970's.

Mike Vietro is one of the nation's most quoted Corvette authorities and is a much sought-after speaker. He has been featured in more than 20 magazines and newspaper articles, including Road & Track, Autoweek, Motor Trend, Primedia's Vette and Corvette Fever, as well as several Corvette videos, such as Speedvision's Classics network and Meguire's broadcast network. He has been on television, radio and in print interviews for the last 20 years. Every June in Bloomington, Illinois, Mike Vietro instructs the advanced "How to buy a Corvette" and he sits on the "Future of Hobby" panel.

Corvette Mike has a major Internet presence selling an extensive inventory of high quality Corvettes for collectors and enthusiasts, ranging from vintage 1953s up through the most current models. Service and restoration by factory-trained mechanics is available at their Southern California location.

Corvette Mike's main, Southern California dealership is located at 1133 North Tustin Avenue in Anaheim, CA, 92807. The phone numbers are (714) 630-0700 and (800) 327-VETT for voice and (714) 630-0777 for FAX. Mike Vietro is reachable by email at

Corvette Mike's web site is located at

Corvette Mike, New England opened November 15, 1997. It is located "A BIG BLOCK from the Rock" near Boston, MA on historic Plymouth Harbor. The address is 10 Water Street, Plymouth MA 02360. The phone numbers are (508) 747-VETT for voice and (508) 747-0016 for FAX. Please contact Mike Milian for more info.

Corvette Mike, Midwest opened June of 2004. It is located at 60 Shore Drive, Burr Ridge, IL 60527. The phone numbers are (630) 230-0441 for voice and (630) 230-0488 for FAX. Please contact Bill Kotzum: for more info.

1133 North Tustin Avenue
Anaheim, CA 92807
Phone: (800) 327-8388
Fax: (714) 630-0777

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