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Bruce Shaw, Esq. - Collector Car Fraud Attorney!!!

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More practical experience with American collector cars than any other law firm in the United States!

We can document and prove real cars from “counterfeits” —
please do not give these types of cars the legitimacy of “clone” or “tribute car” — they are illegal and unlawful counterfeits!

Is this car real? — That is the question

Numbers matching?
Fake trim tag?
Broach marks?
Restoration quality?
Build sheet/invoice authentication?

Practical Experience counts:

Licensed car dealer for 40+ years
Founder — Shaw Speed Shops chain— 1964
Owner — Craftmaster Auto Body of Philadelphia — 1985 —  Home of “candy apple” and
“lace” paint jobs

E T Associates — Machine shop — personally operated all machine shop equipment to “blueprint engines”


Installation Shop — personally installed all types of speed equipment from engines to rear ends.

Personally performed repairs on nearly every U.S. muscle car made
3 NHRA national record holder sponsored cars — now made into models*
Past Bloomington Gold Instructor
Past NCRS National Judge

Corvette Restoration — restored 1966 427/425HP Corvette — received Duntov Award

Muscle Car Restoration — We have built, raced, and restored more muscle cars of every manufacturer — than any other law firm in the United States has ever even seen — much less touched!

Current avid collector of muscle cars

CALL 215.657.2377

Deal with an experienced “motorhead” attorney who was there “back in the day”...

We can authenticate and litigate any collector car fraud issue

We have a Certificate in Estate Planning as well as a Masters in Taxation — to handle any automotive/collector car estate planning, Wills, Trusts etc.

2735 Terwood Road
Willow Grove, PA 19090
Phone: 215-657-2377
Fax: 215-657-6816

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