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Vinnie Peters Editor of the Restorer Magazine.

Vinnie Peters has served the NCRS in many capacities in the past serving as President, Vice-President & National Activities Chairman, Regional Director and has also served as editor of the Restorer and was responsible for two issues when we had a gap between editors. He also served as co-editor along with Dennis Clark for our 25th Anniversary Edition Magazine. He has now served as the full time editor since January of 2008 and Driveline Editor since March of 2016.

Restorer Editor
Vinnie Peters
32 Bridge Ave
Patchogue, NY 11772-2702


What follows is a set of general guidelines for submitting articles to The Restorer. Keep in mind these are guidelines or things I would like to see in article submissions.

Credits & Contacts: Please indicate if your submission is in pursuit of the NCRS Founders' Award®. If you send anything (Founders' Award® or not), we'll need to know your byline (name), your address along with your membership number. It's very important to have your telephone contact numbers (home, work, mobile, fax) along with an e-mail address when you forward an article for The Restorer. If you're using photos or other "art" (for example line drawings) taken or generated by someone else, we need to know whom that person is, so they can be credited in the article. We may also need to have approval from that individual in order to reproduce the respective art.

Article Size & Deadlines: The Restorer is a quarterly publication and for the most part, articles have no time value, but there is an exception and that happens to be event information. For those articles, we'll need to work out a deadline of some sort, so don't be shy: Contact the Editor! Articles that continue from one issue to another are not very effective, considering our quarterly publication schedule. We'll look at anything such as a simple tech tip to a major restoration article. We urge you to focus upon a single topic.
Article submissions to The Restorer may be made in the following ways:


1) By way of mail, email or courier service (Fed Ex, UPS, etc.), or thumb drive. MS Word.doc® is the preferred format, although we can translate some of the other less-used word-processing programs. If you’re submitting photos, the preferred format is RAW, however JPG files will work too. If submitting a JPG file, I need the ORIGINAL FILE AS IT CAME FROM THE CAMERA AT FULL RESOLUTION/SIZE..AS A SEPARATE ATTACHMENT. Please try to take the photos in the highest resolution possible. They can be submitted via email or thumb drive. Please do not “embed” photographs in the articles, send them as separate files. Send text and photos as attachments in individual emails to insure the email arrives.


Photos can be sent as follows:
1) By way of mail, email or courier in either color or black and white. 5X7-inch (or larger) digital color files are best at the highest resolution your camera allows, but we can make modest adjustments with graphic software. The truth is, we cannot create what isn't found in the original. The better the original quality, the better the end result.

2) By way of email, preferably in a RAW format JPG files will work also, to Please keep in mind we prefer high resolution digital images. Please save your photos at as high a resolution as possible. In this case, bigger is definitely better. Check your digital camera settings! Once again and I stress, I need the ORIGINAL FILES THAT CAME DIRECTLY FROM YOUR CAMERA AT FULL RESOLUTION/SIZE. Each photo should be a separate attachment. Some programs such as Picassa and even email programs such as Outlook allow you to insert the photos and while doing so change the size/resolution of the file. These files WILL NOT WORK.

3) If you scan a photograph, please scan it at a resolution of AT LEAST 300dpi and save it and send it as a separate attachment, once again NOT embedded in the article. Captions for photos can be added at the end of the article. Please identify each caption with a corresponding photo.


1) Line drawings, charts or graphs can be included in the electronic text.

Please do not send irreplaceable original items. While we will make our best effort to return all applicable materials, we cannot be responsible for loss or damage during shipment. In addition, please remember that text or illustrations received by way of FAX aren't really suitable. Photocopied photographs are similarly, unusable.

Vinnie Peters

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