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For a non-profit club, we've got quite a sales team!

The most comprehensive and precise judging system in the automotive hobby. A quote from Zora Arkus-Duntov, "Father of the Corvette" and Corvette's First Chief Engineer writing in a letter to then-NCRS President, Keith Kibbe.

In the case of his beloved vintage Corvettes, Hendrick likes those that have received awards from the National Corvette Restorers Society as winners of both the Top Flight Award — presented only for cars that have been meticulously preserved or painstakingly and accurately restored to original standards — and the Duntov Mark of Excellence Award. The Duntov designation is given only to Top Flight winners that also pass a rigorous on-road performance evaluation.



Hendrick's restoration team completed an 1968 Corvette L-88 that won the Duntov Mark of Excellence Award. 



“If you buy a ’67 Corvette that’s been judged Top Flight, you know pretty much that in that car, the motor’s right, the trim tag’s right and all that’s right,” Hendrick said. “If you get a Duntov car, which I like to buy — those are the ones I really go after — that means it’s been through a performance evaluation and a Top Flight (status). That’s money in the bank. That’s gold. That’s like buying gold and going and putting it in a safe. You’re not going to get hurt there.”. Quotes from Rick Hendrick, Owner Hendrick Motorsports; Noted Car Collector; NCRS Member(!) and philanthropist speaking in an interview with Speed.com.

Join the National Corvette Restorers Society. Even if you don't go the factory-correct route, the NCRS is a prime source of literature, repair suggestions, and expertise. One of the few smart moves I made in the early stages of this restoration project was to join the National Corvette Restorers Society (NCRS). While I don't abide by one of their most heartfelt principles- that the ultimate Corvette condition is precisely as it left the factory- the printed material available from this club is a very useful source of restoration tips and original-specification information....I strongly recommend the NCRS library of Corvette information to anyone who ventures this way. Quotes from Don Sherman  Former Editor, Car and Driver magazine, contributor to Corvette Quarterly, and many other automotive publications, writing in his book: Corvette 427 Practical Restoration of a '67 Roadster

The National Corvette Restorers Society has undeniably done more to shape the nature of the Corvette hobby today than anyone or anything else.  A quote from Richard Prince  Author, frequent Corvette magazine contributor and noted Corvette restorer writing in Vette magazine

The National Corvette Restorers Society (NCRS) has done more for Corvette preservation than any other organization in the world...A few dedicated Corvette fans decided that Corvettes should be restored. A quote from Richard Newton, noted author and Editor of Corvette Fever magazine writing in his book: Corvette Restoration Guide 1963-67

The club is the largest source for Corvette information of any year. They offer Technical Manuals, Magazines, and free advice from knowledgeable members. The Technical Information Manual for your specific year is probably the best source of information you can have. The first step towards buying or restoring any Corvette should be the purchase of a $30 to $50 NCRS Technical (Information) Manual (Member Prices, Non-member slighly higher) for the specific year or class car in which you are interested. Quotes from Paul Iaffaldano Corvette author writing in his book Road to Top Flight

I also want to thank the National Corvette Restorers Society for the invaluable work its members and leaders have done in gathering, preserving, and disseminating a wealth of information about the Corvettes we all love so much. Anyone interested in vintage Corvettes is well advised to join this organization by calling (513) 760-6277 (M-F days 10AM- 4PM in Ohio EST) or e-mail us anytime at info@ncrs.org. Quotes from Richard Prince  Author, frequent Corvette magazine contributor and noted restorer writing in his book: Corvette Restoration Guide 1968-1982

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NCRS - It's the smartest money you'll ever spend on your Corvette
If you are a past member (even from decades ago), please go to Renew Membership and log in. If you can't log in but your address and email address are still the same just renew online.  If you can't log in, and your address or email address has changed then call Marilyn Heitzman at (513) 760-6277 (M-F days 10AM- in Ohio EST) or e-mail us anytime at info@ncrs.org. We may be able to find your original NCRS membership number and return it to you. Welcome back!