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NCRS Authentication Library Vol 2 1965-67 Protect-O-Plates


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The National Corvette Restorers Society is extremely proud to present the latest research in our continuing effort to make advanced insight available to the Corvette Community. Significant research for this book began back in 2002, in parallel with our first NCRS Authentication Library volume based on 1963 through 1967 Trim Tags. By Al Grenning and Roy Sinor with generous assistance from the NCRS Team Leaders.

Buying or restoring a 1965 through 1967?  You need this book!

Now, as the result of a long and exhaustive photographic and documentary initiative, a second "NCRS Authentication Library" is now available. The effort involved in researching, organizing and confirming the information contained within this publication has been strenuous to the extreme. Years of work involving the pursuit of every known affirm-able example available was included in a database of information and photographs for study and cross-reference. In that regard, in order to properly apply the information contained in this publication, it should be read in its entirety before being applied to field practice. In this way, evaluation accuracy will be maximized with the least chance of error.


  • Evolution
  • Chevrolet Owner Protection Plan
  • 1965, 1966, & 1967 Owner Protection Booklets
  • 1965 & 1966 Full Warranty Statement
  • 1967 Mark of Excellence
  • 1967 Validation Reports
  • National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Act of 1966
  • Protect-O-Plate
  • Elliott Imprinter
  • Dymo Tape Embossing
  • Addressograph machine
  • Location Grid
  • 1965 Protect-O-Plate
  • 1966 Protect-O-Plate
  • 1967 Protect-O-Plate
  • Analysis
  • Traceable Character Record
  • Photographic Analysis
  • 14 Protect-O-Platess 1965 through 1967
  • Four Common Protect-O-Plate Characters

The new Protect-O-Plate book contains seventy plus pages of excellent information that we feel will have an immediate impact on the Corvette Hobby equal to that of our first "NCRS Authentication Library" book which covers 1963 through 1967 Trim Tags.


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