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Corvette Factory Assembly Instruction Manuals (AIM Manual)


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We stock these from multiple sources to ensure that we sell the highest-quality copies available!

These are reprinted copies of the Corvette Assembly Instruction Manuals (AIM) for model years from 1953 through 1982. These are the instructions that Corvette production line workers used to assemble your car at the St. Louis Plant- page after page of exploded views. VERY useful to you in disassembly and re-assembly of your car.

The Corvette Hobby is lucky that any of these manuals even exist. The AIM's were (mostly) trashed at the end of model year production. The versions that are commercially available now were saved by someone at the Corvette Assembly Plants at St Louis, Missouri and Bowling Green, Kentucky way back when. "Real" (complete) versions of each of these manuals are comprised of 3 to 4 times as many pages as "complete" versions would contain ALL of the running changes that occured throughout model year production. Every change order would be documented by a new page or pages.

Several decades ago- we purchased our AIM's from a major distributor. As time went on- the distributor made the mistake of making copies of copies of copies. With every new "generation", the manual's quality became worse. We began a long search to locate the best, most complete versions of each manual and those are the ones we now sell.

All AIMS are punched for a three-ring binder. Please specify model year(s).


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