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Corvette Plastic Body Repair and Refinishing


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Straight from the folks at Chevrolet

When the 1953 Corvette arrived with it's fiberglass reinforced plastic body panels, Chevrolet dealers and body shops were at a loss as to how to treat this miraculous new material. This 30 page pamphlet was reproduced from an original copy sent to dealerships from Chevrolet.

Topics include:

  • Corvette Body Repair and Paint Refinishing
  • Scratched Panels
  • Dents or Pits in Panels
  • Cracked Panels
  • Holes in Panels
  • Fractured Panels
  • Cracked at Panel Junction
  • Panel Replacement
  • Paint Refinishing
  • Recommended Mixing Chart

1/2 x 8 1/2", softbound with 30 pages and about 30 photos.


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