(image for) Corvette Buildsheet Book- Study Guide for 1973-82 Build Records

Corvette Buildsheet Book- Study Guide for 1973-82 Build Records


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Corvette Buildsheet Book: 

A Study Guide for 1973-1982 Build Records

Fan of the C3’s? You’ll love this new book from long-time fellow NCRS member Tom Russo. This is a comprehensive study guide for the C3 Corvette owner, collector, hobbyist, or prospective buyer who wants to understand Corvette assembly production broadcast codes, how those codes were used to tag parts and how the Buildsheet documented original buyer options.

Six chapters cover a range of topics exclusive to build records of this period. Color illustrations compliment a detailed analysis of build records and guide the reader to understand how to interpret buildsheet data, wether it is an RPO (Regular Production Option), broadcast code or retrieving job numbers from schedule data.

You will learn how to use Buildsheet printed scheduling data to reconcile with hand-scrawled, body job numbers and date codes embossed on the body Trim Tag. You will also learn how to reconcile mechanical and chassis part codes with Buildsheet broadcast codes for installed buyer options.

Chapters include:


  • Corvette Build Records- Background; The First Tank Stickers; What's a Buildsheet?; Where are Buildsheets Found?; Transition from Early to Late Buildsheets; and Corvette Sales & Ordering Documents
  • The GMAD Manifest- Printed Data versus Typed Data; Schedule Number & Expected Date of Production; Broadcast Dodes; Regular Production Options (RPO); Dealer of Origin; and Summary
  • Buildsheet Data by Model Year- Buildsheet Milestones; The 1973 Buildsheet; 1974-76 Buildsheets; 1977-80 Buildsheets; 1981-82 Buildsheets
  • Job Numbers & Body Panels- The Job Numbers: Run Sheet; The Job Number: Manifest; The Job Number: Body Panel; and Sumary
  • Where to Get Corvette Records- St Louis Assembly Plant Build Records; The National Corvette Museum Archives; Dealer Invoice Documents; Corvette Exports: Canada or Overseas; and Other Sources
  • Authenticating Corvette Options- Authentication for the Corvette Owner; What Remains to Be Learned?
  • Appendix
  • Narrative Guide to References


The book is coil-bound, with 53 pages and 52 detailed tables and color illustrations.



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