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1958-60 Corvette Restoration Handbook Second Edition DVD


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1958-60 Corvette Restoration Handbook

296 Full Color Pages!

This book was written by long-time NCRS members, Bob Baird and Tom Howey who also happen to be NCRS Master Level® judges. Bob and Tom have MANY highly complimentary things to say about NCRS and their experiences as members, and we're always very happy to return the favor.  It a 296 page photographic essay of very detailed, color photos of the "small details" that are often overlooked and which, by addressing, not only turn renovation efforts into true restoration, but also make for a great restoration as opposed to just a good one. It's designed a s a companion to other Corvette books-not as a replacement.  Coil bound, 296 pages with hundreds of detailed full-color photos. "Espensive solely due to almost 300 color pages. Printing "small" quantities of a book like this is costly.

Chapters include:

  • Restoration Terminology, Philosophy, and Different Judging Systems
  • Buying a Corvette to Restore
  • Before You Start Your Restoration
  • Deciding to Do a Body-Off Restoration
  • Removing the Body
  • Engine, Peripherals, and Transmission
  • Frame and Chassis
  • Body and Trunk
  • Engine Compartment
  • Painting
  • Blackout and Undercoat
  • Interior
  • Reassembly
  • Performance Verification
  • Back Material

Coil bound, 315 pages with hundreds of detailed color photos.

If you want the same exact information in a color-printed format, buy the book. It is $80 put well worth the money.


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