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NEW Membership & NCRS Specification Guide, USA Residents ONLY


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Special "NCRS Specification Guide" and New Membership

Join using this selection and you'll receive a choice of one copy of "NCRS Specification Guide" ($17.95 value) with your initial new member packet.  (Not available outside USA and Territories due to postage costs).

NCRS Corvette Pocket Specifications Guide is a convenient 4" x 6" size that fits right into your pocket- perfect to carry along at swap meets, junkyard searches, and judging events.

It's a quick reference technical encyclopedia of basic Corvette information, including major mechanical and electrical component part numbers, casting numbers, engine, transmission and axle identification codes, original prices, options and production quantities, power teams, color combinations, body codes and much, much more!

Chapters include:

  • General Information
  • 1953-67 Vehicle Identification Serial Numbers & Ranges
  • 1953-67 Production Quantities
  • 1953-67 Equipment, Prices, & Production Quantities
  • 1953-67 Power Team Combinations
  • 1953-67 Engine Identification Codes
  • 1953-67 Rear Axle Ratios & Identification Codes
  • 1953-67 Transmission Identification Codes
  • 1953-67 Horns
  • 1953-67 Engine Block Casting Numbers
  • 1953-67 Cylinder Head Casting Numbers
  • 1953-67 Intake Manifold Casting Numbers
  • 1953-67 Exhaust Manifold Casting Numbers
  • 1953-67 Carburetors
  • 1957-65 Fuel Injection
  • 1953-67 Ignition Distributors
  • 1953-67 Ignition Coils
  • 1953-67 Generators & Alternators
  • 1953-67 Windshield Wiper Motors
  • 1953-67 Starter Motors
  • 1953-67 Radiators
  • 1953-67 Body Paint & Trim Combinations
  • 1953-82 LOF Glass Date Codes
  • 1953-67 Final Monthly Serial Numbers
  • 1963-67 Body Build Date Codes
  • 1953-67 Lamp, Circuit Breaker & Fuse Data
  • 1953-67 Radios
  • 1953-62 Off-set Paint
  • 1953-67 Refinishing Paint
  • 1953-67 Calendars

This new edition is GREATLY expanded to 200 pages from the previous edition of 168 pages. Many of the sections from The Corvette Restorer Volume 16, Number 1 have been added to the new edition. This Corvette Restorer issue was the full size NCRS Corvette Specifications Guide sent to all NCRS members a few decades ago! It is LONG since out of print.

If you're looking for ALL the information possible- pick up one of the NCRS Technical Information Manual & Judging Guides listed earlier in the NCRS Online Store.

Membership includes your subscription to the Award Winning Quarterly - The Corvette Restorer Magazine. That is four information-packed issues per year. Full color and NO ads! It's just tech articles, how-to articles, historical articles, etc. All written by fellow members.  

Members also receive six Issues of The NCRS Driveline, which is the perfect companion publication to The Corvette Restorer. The Driveline averages 144 pages per issue and contains hundreds of FREE 50 word ads for members, Hobby News, NCRS Show information, and it's NOW IN FULL COLOR! Buy, Sell, or Trade with free ads for all members. Plus vendor ads for services and parts that you would not likely find in other publications.

The NCRS Judging is recognized around the world as THE STANDARD in determining originality. The Judging System is designed to educate each owner about their car as well as providing recognition for excellence in the areas of restoration, performance, or preservation. Approximately 1,000 Corvettes are judged at NCRS events yearly. You can learn to judge and share your knowledge through participation. Start out as an Observer Judge and work your way to a Master Level Judge through the Judges Recognition Program.

Each year the NCRS sponsors one National Convention, 6-8 Regional Meets, and 45+ Chapter Meets. All year long, there are road tours, social gatherings, tech sessions, seminars, and much more that members can participate in.

NCRS Members benefit from mountains of technical information that they can rely on. When you join the NCRS, you access the combined knowledge of tens of thousands of previous members. A group of 17 Technical Advisors, who are recognized as the authorities in their fields, are also just a letter or e-mail away. Whatever problems that you might run into has been solved in past years by other NCRS members. Why re-invent the wheel?

After joining online- you'll quickly receive an automated email with information that allows you to access ALL the Corvette information in the NCRS Technical Discussion Board! If you don't see the email- be sure to check your spam/junkmail folder. The personalized "welcome" email is automated and is sent to the email address that you used when you joined.

If you are a past member (even from decades ago), please go to Renew Membership and then call Marilyn Heitzman at (513) 760-6277 (M-F days 10AM- in Ohio EST) or e-mail us anytime at info@ncrs.orgWe may be able to find your original NCRS membership number and return it to you. Welcome back!


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