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Oklahoma Chapter - NCRS

Welcome to the Oklahoma Chapter of NCRS - Serving the four corners of Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri and Arkansas

The National Corvette Restorers Society is dedicated to the Preservation and Restoration of the Chevrolet Corvette


Welcome to Mid-Summer - Bring on the Fall - 2023

NCRS Corvette Club Meeting Resumes its residence at Ollie's Station Restaurant in West Tulsa.

Meetings are the First Saturday of the Month. This next meeting will be on Saturday, October 1st, 2023


Drive one of your Corvettes and show it off in the Parking Lot at Ollie's

Ollies_Parking.jpg OlliesPic.PNG

Ollies_53.jpg Ollies_66.jpg



We Miss You Brandi

Meeting starts at 8:30 am inside in the Back Room but bring your favorite Corvette and show it off in the Parking lot starting around 7:30 am.


Rob Wilson

Here is a link to our Current Slate of Board Members.....NCRS_Boardmembers

Click on the Link below for an Article in Word format about the National Corvette Museum shared by Bill Mulder.

National Corvette Museum 2023 Update

Tuesday Cruise Night at McAlister's

McAlister's Deli - 91st and Memorial

Every Tuesday Afternoon from 4:00 until around 7:30

It is an Excuse to get your Car out and drive it somewhere where it will be appreciated and enjoyed.


Thursday July 13th was the location of the LADY's dinner. Plan to Join us next month!!!!!!!!

Tulsa Events> John Neas Hosted Several opportunities to view his amazing Car Collection for NCRS members and other car clubs


John invited the local (Tulsa) Chevy Club to tour his facility on Saturday April 15 at 9:30 am.

A garage Tour and viewing of (Mostly his) Corvettes and Fuel Dragsters.

The second event was on Saturday, April 22 at 1:30 pm and he has invited the Solid Axle Corvette Club - Red River Chapter.

Message from Gene Holtz

Subject: April Judging


The judging meet in Stillwater on April 29th involved judging 4 cars:

Larry Witt 1958, Don Brittin 1960, Joseph Rankin 1965 all from Okla. and James Mckinney 1975 from Ark.

Results are included in a recap from Gene Holtz in the June 2023 Newsletter

Contact Gene Holtz



Updates on Phil's health status will be posted here when information becomes available.

I'm glad to report that Chapter Member Phil Gray has moved to the Zarrow Pointe Health Center in Tulsa following his hospital treatment for his stroke.

Visitation and mail address - Phil Gray - Zarrow Pointe - 2025 E 71st St. HC Room #200A - Tulsa, OK 74136

Phil currently holds the important chapter position of Vice-Chairman and Judging Administrator

This is a picture of Phil taken at one of the clubs Christmas Parties.


As individuals of any age, but especially in advanced age - This sad news could serve as a wake-up call.

One thing you should consider is making yourself aware of the possibiity that this could happen to you.

One way to help prepare you would be to familiarize yourself with Atrial Fibrilation or AFib.

You can go to this link and Download/Print a "Discussion Guide For Common Symptoms"


Click this Link

  • AFib Symptoms Guide

  • Member news


    Charles Wayne Eggerman (NCRS # 21597), 76, of Owasso, OK passed away Wednesday, June 7, 2023, in Owasso.

    Born September 27, 1946, in Tulsa, OK. Charles served in the United States Marine Corp during the Vietnam conflit 1966 to 1970. He graduated from OSU with a Bachelor's degree in Engineering.

    He retired from Rockwell/Boeing with 25 years of service.

    Also we have lost another Automotive enthusiust and Tulsa resident. John Bernardine passed at the age of 81 on March, 2023.

    John was a long time NCRS member (#781)



    Gateway Classic Cars

    Located at 10010 E 71st

    Tulsa, Oklahoma 74133

    FREE ADMISSION - Pastries * Coffee * Music * Fun for the Entire Family

    Saturday's 9:00 AM - 12:00 Noon


    * August 26th * September 30th * October 28th *


    Party Pictures

    Mike and Nancy Phillips once again have graciously hosted the Oklahoma NCRS Chapter Christmas Party at their home in South Tulsa. Here are a few Party pictures

    Party-1.JPG Party-2.JPG

    Party-3.JPG Party-4.JPG

    Party-5.JPG Party-6.JPG

    Party-7.JPG Party-8.JPG

    Meanwhile - Back in Tulsa

    Several members have been assisting "fellow" NCRS Chapter member Bonnie Clark with eliminating some surplus items from her current inventory.

    Saturday, January the 7th, 2023

    An Estate/Garage Sale for NCRS members and friends.

    Here are some pictures taken of the Four Corvettes that were Judged back in April (by lots of club participants) at the fantastic facility provided by Dominic White in Tulsa.

    Cars for Judging upon arrival on Friday April 22nd, 2022

    Roy Sinor's - 1967 Convertible

    67-1.JPG 67-2.JPG

    67-3.JPG 67-4.JPG

    67-eng.JPG 67-hood.PNG


    Roger Meyer's - 1965 Convertible

    65-1.JPG" 65-2.JPG

    65-3.JPG 65-4.JPG

    Pete Pritchett's - 1966 Convertible

    wheel-2.JPG blue-1.JPG

    blue-2.JPG blue-4.JPG


    Colton Silvey's - White 1988 (35th Anniversary Edition)

    white-2.JPG white-33.JPG white-4.JPG white-5.JPG


    How do you like the Look of the New Corvette Z06 2023?


    Looking for a New Corvette but can't decide on a Color or maybe can't afford one right now?

    How about a Free One?.

    Paper1.jpg Paper2.jpg

    Download a page that can be used to build your own Corvette

  • Instructions

  • LifeIsBetter.jpg

    In a previous meeting we "saw" a presentation on JUDGING for NCRS Certification - Thanks to Gene Holtz..

    Due to some technical Snafu's, the Video or screen presentation was less than ideal and to try and make up for that, I'm Posting links to the Graphic Portion of the talks.

  • Introduction to Flight Judging
  • Condition Last Blast
  • Intro Flight Judging for Owners
  • Disagreements


    The Club chapter Christmas Party was held on Saturday December 11th - at the home of Mike and Nancy Phillips.

    Great BBQ from Albert G's (Thanks Jim Elder), Wonderful cookies, and salads and side dishes. Yummy.

    "Table" Games and A Dirty Santa game that was very entertaining.

    Partyx1.JPEG Partyx2.JPEG

    Partyx3.JPEG Partyx4.JPEG

    Partyx5.JPEG Partyx6a.JPEG

    Partyx6.JPEG Partyx7.JPEG


    Keep Track of Upcoming Events Here - Courtesy of Ed Brett

    Easy Come - Easy Go does not Quite fit this scenario





    NCRS Oklahoma Chapter Meeting - We met at Garage Condos Tulsa (GCT) and checked out the Luxury Garage Suites "You" OWN. Well several of our members Own one and we are invited to have a chapter meeting there. I understand some drinks and refreshments will be made available.

    The Garage Condos Tulsa (GCT)location is 8720 South Elwood Ave., Tulsa, Oklahoma, 74132 - just West of Jones Riverside Airport.

    Learn more here:

  • Garage Condos Tulsa
  • Here are some pictures of the June meeting which was well attended and well received. Thanks to all that came and thanks to those who opened their ManCaves for us to envy.








    The Car Night beginning March 15th after the daylight savings time change, The gathering is Every Tuesday at Jason's Deli at 61st and Memorial, 4:00 - 7:30ish (get there early for the best parking spot).

  • Tulsa Cruise Facebook Page

  • Car Night in Broken Arrow, OK. The Pat and Diane Cavanagh's 2021 Corvette Reveal March 30, 2021
  • For a full sized view - "Right-Click" the Image and select view image.





    Speaking of Pat Cavanagh - While waiting on his new 2021 Corvette to be created in Bowling Green, KY, he has been avoiding the outside world by working on his 1966 Corvette "Race Car/Street Machine". Here is a link to this work in progress.

  • 66 Corvette Challenge Part 1
  • 66 Corvette: A little History

  • 66 Corvette Challenge Part 2
  • Visit to Fabulous Restorations

  • 66 Corvette Challenge Part 3
  • By the Numbers

  • 66 Corvette Challenge Part 4
  • Where the fun begins...

  • 66 Corvette Challenge Part 5
  • Roger to the Rescue

  • 66 Corvette Challenge Part 6
  • Like it Never Happened

  • 66 Corvette Challenge Part 7
  • Back together Again...

    The Incentive for this massive project may have started with the Penske Car in this motivational video.

  • Fabulous Restorations Video

  • Here is a link to some Great pictures of the most recent Car gathering at Amelia Island
  • LeSabre.jpeg

  • Hagerty.png

    Hagerty Insurance has posted a very informative video that covers Cleaning and Sanitizing your vehicle with appropriate concerns for not damaging the surfaces.

  • This Personalized License Plate was issued by the State of Oklahoma in the early 1970's and has been displayed on the same Corvette for over Forty Years


    A YouTube Poster and Car enthusiast by the name of Tyler Townsley came to Tulsa to Video Tape and Chronical several Corvettes with interesting racing heritage. Mr. Townsley spent several days interviewing John Neas and Joel Miller regarding the background history of the early Corvettes in videos presented here. The Videos are lengthy, (one is over 40 minutes each) but they are very well done.

    One of several YouTube Videos covering Corvettes. This one owned by Oklahoma resident and NCRS member John Neas


  • 1956 Corvette "Chicken Coupe" Corvette SR1 interview
  • This one owned by Oklahoma NCRS member Joel Miller


  • 1958 Corvette "The Pooch" Corvette Drag Car interview

  • Here are a few pictures (Thanks Phil Gray) from the Summer Picnic held at Michael Young's lovely home in Sapulpa, Oklahoma - More pictures are in the September 2019 Sidepipe. Follow the Link on the left

  • Great Pool Party - "Everyone" enjoyed the Pool
  • Relaxing.jpg DogPaddling.jpg

    PoolPretty.jpg FootBath.jpg


    Vehicle Laws were Changed on July 1 - Registration papers Must be kept in the vehicles and Car Tags must stay with the owners.

  • If you don't have a copy of your registration you can get your Paperwork in order by going to or visit your closest Tag Office. You will need to provde the last four digits of your vehicle identification number (VIN), the street address number of the owners residence and the license (Tag) number.
  • Do you still have, or did you ever have Firestone Steel Belted Radial 500 Tires on your 1973 to 1977 Corvette?

    FIRESTONE Steel Belted Radial 500 tire RECALL - Customer Information Booklet

    Pictures from the Saturday Apr 27 Oklahoma Chapter NCRS Spring Judging meet held at Dominic's in Tulsa, Oklahoma - are in the May 2019 Sidepipe. Follow the Link on the left

    Car Night Tuesday is over until the Daylight Savings shift again in 2022

  • Tuesday Car Night at McCallister's
  • Warm Weather perfect for showing off your Winter project results
  • CarNite1.JPG CarNite2.JPG

    CarNite3.JPG CarNite4.JPG


    CarNite5.JPG CarNite6.JPG

    JuneVette1.JPG JuneVette2.JPG

    JuneVette3.JPG JuneVette4.JPG

    JuneVette5.JPG JuneVette6.JPG

    Olsilvr.JPG Itsa60.JPG





  • NCRS members went to Sand Springs on Saturday, November 3rd. Attendees caravanned to the John Zink Ranch Museum in Sand Springs, OK after the Saturday morning meeting at Ollie's

    Check out photos on this link

  • John Zink Ranch Museum tour

  • NCRS chapter members went to Broken Arrow on Saturday, October 6th

  • Attendees got a chance to visit the Auburn Cord Duesenberg "Factory"


    Check out photos on this link

  • Auburn Cord Duesenberg Factory tour

  • The Annual NCRS Ice Cream Social was Saturday, September 29th

  • Recent event photos from NCRS Judging in Edmond, OK

    This Event was held August 18, 2018

  • 62Vette.JPG 70Vette.JPG 69Vette.JPG

    70KnockOff.JPG BigBlock.JPG I-Got-This.JPG

    Baby454.JPG BronzeBaby.JPG Cruzin65.JPG

    Schoolin.JPG Letsdothis.JPG Lookin4change.JPG

    Lunchbrk.JPG Mancave.JPG

    There were many nice cars at the recent Leake Auction in Tulsa

  • One Big block 1965 convertible was very nicely presented
  • BlueBigBlk1.JPG BlueBigBlk2.JPG

    BlueBigBlk3.JPG Leake1.JPG


    Did you miss the visit to Guthrie, OK to view the progress on the A-26 restoration?

    Here is a link to a video of the (two) A-26 Engines firing up in Gutherie, Ok in case you missed it.


  • NCRS Oklahoma Chapter supports Meals on Wheels - Tulsa
  • MealsOnWheels2.jpg MealsOnWheels.jpg

  • NCRS Oklahoma Chapter supports The Coffee Bunker
  • CoffeeBunker.PNG CoffeeBunker1.JPG CoffeeBunker2.JPG BunkerPic.JPG

  • Link to Cartoons and Car Tunes
  • Bruce.jpg

    Is your "Classic Car" over 25 years old? Want to save $100.00 over the next 10 years on vehicle tags?

    Go Here to the Oklahoma Tax Commission Site and download a form for a Classic Tag like this one


    Did You Miss the NCRS Judging Event on Saturday April 21st, 2018?

  • Here are a few "Snapshots
  • Judging1.JPG Judging2.JPG

    Judging3.JPG Judging4.JPG

    Did You Miss the Visit to The Galley?

    BigBlock66.JPG OldJag.JPG

  • Here are a few "Snapshots

  • Ever Been to the National Corvette Museum?

    GB_1.jpg GB_2.jpg

  • Here are a few "Snapshots

  • Restoring a Mid-Year Corvette? - Need some Documentation or rare parts?

    Badge_Boxes.jpg VetteBooks7.JPG

    Go Here for more larger images

    Link to the Lime Book?
    What is the Lime Book? The lime Book is an Engine Code Reference Book compiled by Edward W.J. McCombs This valuable resource is used to identify engine code for Chevrolet engines and parts from 1955 thru 1991

    View the 2019 Corvette ZR-1 Preview Video for the $120,000.00 plus Corvette Corvette-zr1.jpg


    Like Barn Find Stories?


    Read about it Here

    Here is a link to a YouTube video of a Tuesday Night Car Night in Tulsa, OK

    Tuesday Night Car Night on YouYube

    NCRS Chapter Events

    2017 NCRS Chapter Events


    Many Thanks to Mike and Nancy Phillips who graciously agreed to host the Oklahoma Chapter Christmas Party at their home Saturday, December 9, 2017. Photos courtesy of Philip Gray
    XmasParty1.jpg XmasParty2.jpg XmasParty3.jpg XmasParty4.jpg

    XmasParty5.jpg XmasParty6.jpg XmasParty7.jpg XmasParty8.jpg

    XmasParty9.jpg XmasParty10.jpg XmasParty11.jpg XmasParty12.jpg XmasParty13.jpg

    The party was well attended with the Chapter supplying BBQ and soft drinks. Attendees brought an abundance of delicious pot luck sides and delicious desserts. We were challenged with a competitive game of Presidential but not political questions, did a little bit of "Gambling", participated in a gift exchange or “Dirty Santa” gift game while the University of Oklahoma's Quarterback received the Heisman Trophy Award on a TV in the background. Many attendees brought an unwrapped toy that will be donated to the U.S. Marine Toys for Tots campaign that distributes toys to needy children across the Tulsa area.(Thanks Verle)

    For Larger pictures go here:
  • XMasPartyPics.html

  • Summer Picnic / Ice Cream Social - Held Saturday September 30, 2017

    Thanks to Lee Stigall and his wife JD Stigall for being great Hosts two years in a row

    Thanks also to everyone who came and brought delicious food, and to Verle Randolph for taking the overages to several deserving charities.

    Great food including more desserts and homemade ice cream than we could eat. If you weren't there you should have been
    PicNik1.jpg PicNik4.jpg PicNik3.jpg PicNik9.jpg

    PicNik10.jpg PicNik11.jpg PicNik12.jpg PicNik13.jpg

    PicNik14.jpg PicNik16.jpg PicNik17.jpg PicNik18.jpg Windows users - "Right Click/View Image" to see images Full Screen

    Local and Regional Event photos

    This Event was well attended on the makeup date Sunday Sept. 24th, 2017.
    Car Show Notice.jpgTry "Right-Clicking" on the Thumbnail to "View" Fullsize

    Fine59.JPG PhilsVette.JPG Split63.JPG Two4s.JPG Vette.JPG

    EnvyRow1.JPG EnvyRow2.JPG FlyOver.JPG RedWhite.JPG RestoMod.JPG Vette.jpg

    Local Tuesday "Car Night" in Tulsa, OK

    NCRS.jpg Fly_Over.jpg 57_FI.jpg 57_Proud Line_em_up.jpg StrategyMtg.jpg Vette.jpg

    Local Chapter members car photos

    Route66.jpg Fuelie_pic.jpg Pooch_pic1.jpg Background.png SR-1_pic.jpg Vette Logo.jpg

    1957 Vette Home Garage Restoration photos

    NCRS.jpg Engine57.jpg Wheel57.jpg Johns57 John-57

    Pat's Pictures

    PatPic PicNik15.jpg PatsFuelie.JPG Vette.jpg

    Guthie Oklahoma "Airport Crawl" Event photos

    NCRS.jpg airframe.jpg Dreamtoo.jpg Lil-red Roadtrip Starbird Show Vette.jpg

    Tuesday Night Car Night photos

    NCRS.jpg Car-night1.jpg Car-night2.jpg Car-night3.jpg Red-Vette.jpg Car-night4.jpg
    Car-night5.jpg Car-night6.jpg Car-night7.jpg Car-night8.jpg

    Newsletter Creation Crew

    Newsletter1.jpg Newsletter2.jpg Verle.JPG Jimbo.JPG

    Monthly Breakfast Meetings

    NCRS-OK Chapter Meetings are held on the First Saturday of the month during the year. Everyone is encouraged to drive your Corvette.

    The meetings start at 8:30 am, but why not come early and mingle with other Corvette enthusiasts while parking in Ollie's East Parking Lot

    Ollies_lot.jpg Ollies_lot2.jpg

    Attendance at Monthly Chapter Meeting at Ollie's Station at 8:30am - 4070 Southwest Blvd in West Tulsa, OK 74107

    Ollies.png Ollies.jpg Ollies-pic.jpg OllieOne.jpg ZEEOSIX.JPG Parking-pic.jpg

    OllieFive.jpg OllieTwo.jpg OllieThree.jpg OllieFour.jpg Vette Cap.jpg Parking Lot pics.jpg

    Monthly Happy Hour

    July 22nd - Attitude Adjustment Night at Bravo's Mexican Grill, 5pm - 4532 East 51st St., Tulsa, OK 74135

    Bravos.png Bar-pic.jpg Bravos.jpg Happy-Taco.jpg Great-Food.jpg Bartender.jpg

    Links and Notices

      The NCRS-OK chapter has a Resource Library of Corvette books, CD's and Corvette Assembly/Restoration Manuals are available (on loan) to members

      If interested in Borrowing one or more of these resources, Contact Mike Partridge - email:

      If using FireFox as a browser - "Right/Click" on the thumbnail to veiw full sized images
      Vette-Manual-1.jpg Vette Manual-2.jpg Vette Manual-3.jpg Vette Manual-4.jpg Vette Manual-5.jpg

      Corvette Restoration Guide.jpg 62 Vette show room brochure.jpg Door Handle Template.jpg VetteArticleIndex.jpg Small Block Chevys.jpg

    A special Thank You goes out to Chapter Member Jack Finch for his Generous Monetary Donation, allowing the chapter to purchase this fine collection of reference materials.

    Links to Publications, Forms and Newsletters

    NCRS OK Membership Application

    2018 Calendar

    Master Newsletter Index

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    Who Are We?

      Corvette enthusiasts that join together to celebrate the Chevrolet Corvette, America's finest sports car. The Oklahoma NCRS Chapter members hold regular monthly breakfast meetings to share our interest in the Corvette.

      This is a place to find like minded individuals and couples to support your passion whether you are driving a brand new Corvette, restoring an old Corvette or trying to relive a past Corvette experience. Prospective members are also welcomed and encouraged to attend.

      With a vast variety of members, with years of experience and expertice - answers to vitually any Corvette related question may only a phone call away. We take part in road trips, picnics, swap meets and chapter education and technical seminars designed to hone our skill-sets related to the Corvette.

      Along with group trips to Regional and National NCRS activities, there is always fun to be found within our active chapter. Look through our website, and mark our next meeting or event on your calender. We are looking forward to meeting you and participating with you. Whether it be "Car Night", a Cook-Out, a Parade, a Car Show or a Party - There is a lot going on and you could be a part of it.

    NCRS-OK Chapter Sponsors

    Please support our club sponsors, you can click on the images below to access their web sites


    Nation-Wide Corvette Related For-Sale Listings

    Local Corvette Related For-Sale Listings

    This car is still available but no longer listed with - If interested give Mike Partridge a call for contact details. The car is in storage in Bentonville, Arkansas

    Ever Misplace Your Key Fob? - It might be right under your Nose

    One of our New Corvette owners took his car in for its First Oil Change. He picked up the car at the Dealer and drove off he failed to notice that his Key Fob was not in it's usual spot - In the Cup Holder. When he tried to lock the car, the car would not stay locked and "Beeped" twice to let him know the car wasn't locked. The next day the frustrated owner returned to the dealer (some 50 miles from his house) to ask the service writer where his keys were. The service writer claimed he didn't know but come to find out the "mechanic" who did the oil change, placed the Key Fob in the Key Fob Holder in the steering column that the Vette owner didn't know existed. Did you Know?

    Here is where the Key Fob was found.
    KeyFob.jpg KeyHolder.jpg FobInHolder.jpg TarylDactyl.jpg

    Go here for everything you wanted to know about the operation of your new 2017 Corvette (But were afraid to ask). Be sure to review pages 4 and 5 for safety and security reasons.

    Testing Testing testing

    Testing archive photos


    Blue1965.jpg Red1963Conv.jpg YellowBigBlk.jpg Judge.png TanVette.jpg TonyNancy.jpg Vette.jpg NeasVette.jpg