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Oklahoma Chapter - NCRS

Welcome to the Oklahoma Chapter of NCRS - Serving the four corners of Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri and Arkansas
The National Corvette Restorers Society is dedicated to the Preservation and Restoration of the Chevrolet Corvette

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2017 NCRS Chapter Events


Many Thanks to Mike and Nancy Phillips who graciously agreed to host the Oklahoma Chapter Christmas Party at their home Saturday, December 9, 2017. Photos courtesy of Philip Gray
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The party was well attended with the Chapter supplying BBQ and soft drinks. Attendees brought an abundance of delicious pot luck sides and delicious desserts. We were challenged with a competitive game of Presidential but not political questions, did a little bit of "Gambling", participated in a gift exchange or “Dirty Santa” gift game while the University of Oklahoma's Quarterback received the Heisman Trophy Award on a TV in the background. Many attendees brought an unwrapped toy that will be donated to the U.S. Marine Toys for Tots campaign that distributes toys to needy children across the Tulsa area.(Thanks Verle)

For Larger pictures go here:
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    Need Parts? Kellyville Swap meet in April


    View the 2019 Corvette ZR-1 Preview Video for the $120,000.00 plus Corvette here

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    Now for something a "Little Different".

    How about a 1954 Corvair? Read about it Here:

    Here is a link to a YouTube video of a Tuesday Night Car Night in Tulsa, OK

    Tuesday Night Car Night on YouYube

    NCRS Chapter Events
    Summer Picnic / Ice Cream Social - Held Saturday September 30, 2017

    Thanks to Lee Stigall and his wife JD Stigall for being great Hosts two years in a row

    Thanks also to everyone who came and brought delicious food, and to Verle Randolph for taking the overages to several deserving charities.

    Great food including more desserts and homemade ice cream than we could eat. If you weren't there you should have been
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    Local and Regional Event photos

    This Event was well attended on the makeup date Sunday Sept. 24th, 2017.
    Car Show Notice.jpgTry "Right-Clicking" on the Thumbnail to "View" Fullsize

    Fine59.JPG PatsFuelie.JPG PhilsVette.JPG Split63.JPG Two4s.JPG Vette.JPG

    EnvyRow1.JPG EnvyRow2.JPG FlyOver.JPG RedWhite.JPG RestoMod.JPG Vette.jpg

    Local Tuesday "Car Night" in Tulsa, OK

    NCRS.jpg Fly_Over.jpg 57_FI.jpg 57_Proud Line_em_up.jpg StrategyMtg.jpg Vette.jpg

    Local Chapter members car photos

    Route66.jpg Fuelie_pic.jpg Pooch_pic1.jpg Background.png SR-1_pic.jpg Vette Logo.jpg

    1957 Vette Home Garage Restoration photos

    NCRS.jpg Engine57.jpg Wheel57.jpg Johns57 John-57 PatPic Vette.jpg

    Guthie Oklahoma "Airport Crawl" Event photos

    NCRS.jpg airframe.jpg Dreamtoo.jpg Lil-red Roadtrip Starbird Show Vette.jpg

    Tuesday Night Car Night photos

    NCRS.jpg Car-night1.jpg Car-night2.jpg Car-night3.jpg Red-Vette.jpg Car-night4.jpg
    Car-night5.jpg Car-night6.jpg Car-night7.jpg Car-night8.jpg

    Newsletter Creation Crew

    Newsletter1.jpg Newsletter2.jpg Verle.JPG Jimbo.JPG

    Monthly Breakfast Meetings

    NCRS-OK Chapter Meetings are held on the First Saturday of the month during the year. Everyone is encouraged to drive your Corvette.

    The meetings start at 8:30 am, but why not come early and mingle with other Corvette enthusiasts while parking in Ollie's East Parking Lot

    Attendance at Monthly Chapter Meeting at Ollie's Station at 8:30am - 4070 Southwest Blvd in West Tulsa, OK 74107

    Ollies.png Ollies.jpg Ollies-pic.jpg OllieOne.jpg ZEEOSIX.JPG Parking-pic.jpg

    OllieFive.jpg OllieTwo.jpg OllieThree.jpg OllieFour.jpg Vette Cap.jpg Parking Lot pics.jpg

    Monthly Happy Hour

    July 22nd - Attitude Adjustment Night at Bravo's Mexican Grill, 5pm - 4532 East 51st St., Tulsa, OK 74135

    Bravos.png Bar-pic.jpg Bravos.jpg Happy-Taco.jpg Great-Food.jpg Bartender.jpg

    Links and Notices

    A special Thank You goes out to Chapter Member Jack Finch for his Generous Monetary Donation, allowing the chapter to purchase this fine collection of reference materials.

    Links to Publications, Forms and Newsletters

    NCRS OK Membership Application

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    Who Are We?

      Corvette enthusiasts that join together to celebrate the Chevrolet Corvette, America's finest sports car. The Oklahoma NCRS Chapter members hold regular monthly breakfast meetings to share our interest in the Corvette.

      This is a place to find like minded individuals and couples to support your passion whether you are driving a brand new Corvette, restoring an old Corvette or trying to relive a past Corvette experience. Prospective members are also welcomed and encouraged to attend.

      With a vast variety of members, with years of experience and expertice - answers to vitually any Corvette related question may only a phone call away. We take part in road trips, picnics, swap meets and chapter education and technical seminars designed to hone our skill-sets related to the Corvette.

      Along with group trips to Regional and National NCRS activities, there is always fun to be found within our active chapter. Look through our website, and mark our next meeting or event on your calender. We are looking forward to meeting you and participating with you. Whether it be "Car Night", a Cook-Out, a Parade, a Car Show or a Party - There is a lot going on and you could be a part of it.

    NCRS-OK Chapter Sponsors

    Please support our club sponsors, you can click on the images below to access their web sites

    Contact Mike Partridge @ 512-579-8593 for contact information


    Click on the image above and then Type in this number next to the "CC" 988257

    Ever Misplace Your Key Fob? - It might be right under your Nose

    One of our New Corvette owners took his car in for its First Oil Change. He picked up the car at the Dealer and drove off he failed to notice that his Key Fob was not in it's usual spot - In the Cup Holder. When he tried to lock the car, the car would not stay locked and "Beeped" twice to let him know the car wasn't locked. The next day the frustrated owner returned to the dealer (some 50 miles from his house) to ask the service writer where his keys were. The service writer claimed he didn't know but come to find out the "mechanic" who did the oil change, placed the Key Fob in the Key Fob Holder in the steering column that the Vette owner didn't know existed. Did you Know?

    Here is where the Key Fob was found.
    KeyFob.jpg KeyHolder.jpg FobInHolder.jpg TarylDactyl.jpg

    Go here for everything you wanted to know about the operation of your new 2017 Corvette (But were afraid to ask). Be sure to review pages 4 and 5 for safety and security reasons.

    NCRS-OK Chapter Officers

    Chairman Kelly Bolton 918/970-6877 
     Vice Chairman Phil Gray 918/492-2519
     Treasurer Scott Pfuehler 918/437-5292
     Membership Don Partridge 918/455-6574
     Newsletter Editor Bob Clark 918/299-9001
     Judging Chairman Russ Grimm 918/230-9073
     Events Chairman Bud Jessee 918/625-8531
     Web-Site Mike Partridge 512/579-8593

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